Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I decided to drag out baby clothes, not only for me but for Alexzandra too. She's been dying to go through her old stuff and see what we have for our new little girl to wear. This tub is the 0-12 month clothes. It's looking like we may need to buy some 0-3 month winter clothes considering Alexzandra was born in June. For some reason that happened with me on Damien too but we were lucky and he was so big he went straight to 3-6 month clothes soon after birth. The kid now wears 18-24 month and some 2T straight out of Dominic's closet.

Most of the outfits I have though are 3-6 months which should be ok I would think because that would still be till June. It's hard to remember Alex wearing any of this stuff! I do plan on buying some new things for her but I plan on scoping out some yard sales for anything that looks like new too. ALOT of our kids clothes come from yard sales for example Damien's pic below of him wearing the Tommy hat and shirt. I just can't afford to buy that crap brand new.

I haven't been online much lately which is odd for me. I find something new to do everyday, I guess I'm nesting. Either that or I have OCD. It's also easier since Dominic isn't here in the mornings, I can actually do things and not have to stop any screaming and fighting. Damien and Kayla play really great together and aren't much work so I can get quite a bit done. Mainly I've been sorting and organizing things around the house. People coming through our house lately are probably thinking "the mom is a freak" because of all the labeling and storage containers in our house. If the kids have alot of a certain toy, it's in a clear rubbermaid container. Xmas supplies, snacks, airfresheners, batteries, pencils etc. If there's more than one of it, it has a container and is labeled. The pantry shelves are all sorted by veggies, soups, fruits, grains, all the cereal is stored in Tupperware pour containers. Alot of this I've always done but packing airfresheners or toys in clear plastic containers is kinda nutty I'll admit. Dave thinks the meds have added a new twist to this because he's found me extremely bitchy and uptight lately especially if things are out of placed or not picked up. The kids are learning quickly to put things where they belong. Today my task was coupons which I cut, sorted and put away for my trip tonight. I'm hoping to get some really good deals (and freebies) on some food. Damien played in the extra paper while I cut my coupons.

Oh and here he is as my little Ketchup Warrior. He's finally starting to eat his food more and more now if I give him ketchup to dip it into. Alex and Dominic were the exact same way.

Look at his tray. All finished and he's trying to tell me he wants more. Silly boy.

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Alison said...

So does he just eat the ketchup? Miss Priss just licks the ketchup off of french fries and asks for more ketchup. LOL