Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On A Perfect Day: Ode To the Stay At Home Mom!

I'm not feeling down or anything. I just thought I'd throw in some humor for the day. My day is actually going O-K, could be better but ya know.

On a Perfect Day, I wouldn't have overslept till 6:45AM!

On a Perfect Day, this wouldn't be a Teacher Inservice Day.

On a Perfect Day, the buses would have came and picked up the kids today.

On a Perfect Day, Dominic would listen and mind my every command.

On a Perfect Day, Dominic would say "mommy! I'm going potty all by myself and won't ever pee and poop my pants ever again!"

On a Perfect Day, I wouldn't be itching STILL from Poison Ivy that's been gone for about 5 days now.

On a Perfect Day, K and K's mom wouldn't have shown up at 7 AM because McDonalds doesn't serve hamburgers that early.

On a Perfect Day, the kids wouldn't have got Maple Syrup all over themselves when eating their waffles.

On a Perfect Day, Damien would not have a green snotty nose and feel particularily warm. And be cranky.

On a Perfect Day, the kids would have slept longer than 6:45 on a no school day.

On a Perfect Day, my dog would get over the fact that he's going to be on a chain when he's outside for his potty breaks.

On a Perfect Day, the kids would be loving towards one another and stop hitting and taking toys.

On a Perfect Day, Damien wouldn't have peed his sheets, pillow and blanket.

On a Perfect Day, Alex wouldn't start saying "what can we do today??" at 8:30 AM.

On a Perfect Day, Best Buy would call and say "we've backed up all the files on your old laptop and are replacing it" not "I need all your accessories and receipt on your laptop so we can turn it in as defective."

On a Perfect Day, Katie Couric would STILL be on the Today's Show.

On a Perfect Day, I would have noticed my weight the same, not a gain of 5 lbs in a week from being on a Steroid.

On a Perfect Day, I wouldn't have had to do 2 loads of laundry this morning, or the load of dishes, or take out the trash.

On a Perfect Day, the kids would finish ALL their food. And eat their apple slices before they brown.

On a Perfect Day, at 1PM ALL the kids would take naps. Zonk out immediately for 3 hours. Maybe 4?

On a Perfect Day, when Dave calls for the "what's for supper?" report and here's it's Roast in the crockpot, he'd say "Yummy! I can't wait! You're the best!!!"

On a Perfect Day, the kids would play outside and I could write this post interrupted without the kids coming up to the screen door tattling on each other.

On a Perfect Day, none of this would really be that big of a deal but I guess I really enjoyed the kids going back to school!!!


Alison said...

Here's to today being more perfect than yesterday! :)

Adam's Mom said...

On a perfect day ... that made me laugh! I had "one of those days" yesterday and was in bed by 8pm! I'm glad today is a new day although I'm waiting for Adam's nap time LOL