Friday, September 15, 2006

My New Man, HP

Well Toshiba and I have broken up. I'm a bit sad as he was part of my everyday life for 3 years and he was my pride and joy. He went on all of our trips to Colorado, Oklahoma, even to the hospital and I was able to post pictures of Damien soon after his birth since he was wireless. I enjoyed playing with him during my 3 hour glucose test also. According to Best Buy they will drill a hole clean through the hard drive so any personal info we had on there is now gone. I will have to download everything again to my new sharp dressed man. And I do mean SHARP. I about shit my pants when Dave walked in the door. I think this laptop was around $1500 or so we bought our last one for pretty cheap there because they gave us a zillion dollars in mail in rebates. Thankfully with that Best Buy warranty it was just traded straight across. It has a digital media center, DVD writer, more memory, a 17 in widescreen, a 10 key pad, and other features but I'm not real computer savy to list them all.
He is very handsome and I'm in love. Hopefully he won't need his fan replaced 5 times.


Jess said...

What a gorgeous new computer Sabrina! I am jealous. I am ready for a new laptop but Bob won't let me get one yet. :-)

Kristi Ann said...


Shana said...

Preeeeeety. I bet your new man treats you real nice.