Monday, September 18, 2006

QUIT IT You Spam Artists!!

Do you remember this post? Well I guess they must have got more BRILLIANT in their techniques of spamming because now anything I talk about on here is ending up in my email inbox. What the heck?!?! Anything I mentioned in the posts below, I've gotten a stupid email about it. Buy a new Toshiba laptop, Vericose Vein Cream, Poison Ivy remedies, etc.

I spent ALOT of money this weekend. Starting Friday night till Sunday evening. I haven't added up the receipts yet but I bet it was a ton. After the girls that I watch left Friday, Dominic and I went to Sears since they were having a sale. I bought 4 outfits for the baby, some shirts for Alex and Dominic. Saturday we spent 6.5 hrs at the Kansas State Fair. We didn't spend that much because we're cheap like that. We never play games, never buy food since we take a cooler with us. The rides cost the most with our discounted before fair rate of $30 for 44 tickets. Each kiddie ride took 2 and Alex was burned out after about 8 rides so Dave had to ride quite a few rides with Dominic. We left then made a special trip back to watch Sheltered Reality, a percussion band that was playing. I'd seen them before and since they are so awesome we had to see them again. Sunday we spent shopping all day in Wichita and Dave didn't say a word! Quite a miracle since he gets really mad when I spend money. We went to one of the Malls, Babies R Us, Kohls, and Sams Club. The kids got some new PJ's and a toy, poor Damien just ended up with a few shirts from Gap. The baby ended up with more clothes, and such cute ones! This is so much fun!

I think because Dave is so excited about this little girl, he is totally ok with buying her all the cute clothes. It's weird to as it feels like she's already here but she's not because she's still in my belly. We talk about her like maybe she's down for a nap and not with us at the moment. I'm sure when she does come it'll feel like she's been here forever. This pregnancy with her is going so well that I've already asked Dave if we can try for another in a few years. I really thought I'd be done with 4, I always wanted the whole 2 boy 2 girl thing but now my heart has changed. I know D has pretty much said laughing at me "I'm done, this is enough!" but when he talks about the kids he gets so excited, he loves being a Dad and so I could see him possibly changing his mind later on. We'll see I suppose. He worries mainly about money with having more but we can afford our kids, never been on any assistance ever so not having kids due to money isn't an issue. I think his deal is that he wants more money to spend on himself! LOL We do spoil our kids, I admit but I could cut back on the buying of Scholastic books, toys, V Smiles games and clothes.

Our house will be coming off the market in 2 weeks. I just wish it'd hurry up and get here. I am DONE. We'll do this again in April and then get moved during the Summer. I know Dave would rather do it all now but I just want to wait. We tried, (not that hard) it's been nearly 3 months and so now we should just let the kids finish school this year and then try again. During the next 7 months I think we'll be working on Country Curb Appeal and try to get the front yard looking nice. There are 2 trees we need to take out, reseed the yard. Just get it looking great for when we sell it next year. This will require PHYSICAL LABOR which I hate doing.

And last, One more week and the inlaws will be here. I hope it's a quick one!


Kristi Ann said...

LOL... Ilove shopping! And shopping for girls is so much fun!!! It is TWICE as nice when you know you wont get in trouble for it! LOL

Hope the visit is a short one!

Miss your pics!! And videos!

How is Dominic liking school this year?

Angi said...

WOO HOOO sounds like you had a GREAT shopping weekend!!! I'm so excited for you!! CONGRATS on the little girl!!!