Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Opinions Please.......

It has come to my attention that we desperately need a 2nd refrigerator. The problem is we really have no room! Ours is completely jam packed with leftovers, tons of Alex's sack lunch stuff, milk, pop, and a ton of condiment bottles. The main issue here is I have no room for milk. We're going through 6-7 Gallons of milk a week and I'm having to go to the store every couple days because I can't fit more than 2 gallons in there at a time. I could if I didn't have a pitcher of Apple Juice, Grape Juice, and Pineapple Juice made at one time. I already bought a slimline gallon container with a pour spout so the Kool Aid takes less room. Unless I go after the kids go to bed, I really have no time in the evening to go to the store. With it now getting into fall though, I hate the roads at night out here because of the deer and the possibility I might take one or several out because sometimes a whole posse of them run across the road right infront of ya.

This is what I'd like to get but in like white or almond and stick the other in the garage. I think a side by side would make a world of difference here because the kids could get their own drinks of water whenever instead of asking all the time and I would have an extra fridge for all the milk. I've heard though that with side by sides you actually lose room which I guess wouldn't be that big of a deal if you had a 2nd one but still you'd like to get as much as you could in it. Mainly I've heard the freezer is the issue, it's small. Ive never owned a side by side, actually the one we have is from our first house so we've owned it for over 10 years now. Has anyone owned both and which did you prefer?? I know they make a regular one with water on the front too. By buying another and keeping the other, I'm probably preparing myself for a massacre on my electric bill since we also have a refrigerator sized deep freeze and a 8 person hot tub on the back porch. If we do buy one, the garage is in for a remodel. We've done so much cleaning out and remodeling the way the house looks on the inside for the sale, I guess it was only time till we had to do the garage too. I would need to move some metal shelving next to the back door so I could put the fridge there for easy access.

I tried once again to get a good pic of the boys together. My kids are AWFUL getting their pictures taken. Sucks really. I have no good pictures. I think part of the problem is the delay that my digital camera has. By the time it clicks the kids turn around or something. Sometimes I believe digitals aren't as special as we make them out to be because of the delay and how many times I have to delete just to get the perfect pictures.
Damien had to Hold a Comb

Damien though can be caught off guard so I can push the button, then say something in my high pitched baby talk voice and he'll look and smile.


Here's a pic of Damien sporting his shirt for the Grandparents. I had to buy it since the kids are Italian and the one thing everyone always tells me about Dave's Gpa from Italy is how he used to do the whole "ah" at the end of his words. If you can't tell it says You Pincha My Cheeks, I Pulla Your Hair. I think his dad will get a kick out of it.



Kristi Ann said...

That was the cutest shirt!! I giggled so hard and then told Brad we had to make one for Kayla! We have Italian in us as well! :)

I cant beilieve how big Damien has gotten!

And on the fridge thing. We had 2 for a while too. We used the side by side IN the house (so the kids could get their stuff) and the top and bottom outisde in the garage! It was always filled with pop, and frozen stuff! It was worth it though, and I think when we move back...we will do it again...since Brad has to have his beer too!~~

hope you find something that works for you guys!! But I think a second one WILL help. (your energy bill may increase around $15-30 so take that into consideration
as well)

Good Luck!~~

Cynthia Samuels said...

We have our second fridge in the garage too. We use the freezer mostly - it's a side-by-side that was in the house when we bought it - a huge, old subzero. It's not toooo bad to go up and down the stairs if you plan right; I buy lots of meat/chicken and other frozen stuff, soda for guests and bottled water and keep it down there. The smaller, upstairs side-by-side is still too crowded but at least it's all manageable.

While we're talking appliances, can I mention something else that I think helps busy families: TiVo KidZone? I'm helping them launch it (full disclosure) but if I had had it when my boys were little I would have been ecstatic - so that's why. TiVo KidZone (http://www.tivo.com/1.2.17.asp) is a FREE service that lets you record appropriate material for your kids - that you choose - and lock them out of the rest. That means you always have emergency stuff to help them settle down without upsetting YOU. There are also expert recommendations from which you can choose. Very cool.

Rhonda said...

I have a side by side now. I had a top and bottom before we moved. It looks smaller, but I get just as much in it. It is not wide, so if you put big things in, it is a problem. Of course, I have a seperate freezer in the laundry room, so the stuff that does not fit in the side by side goes there. Now, mine does not have water and ice in the door, so you would lose space because of having those things. Also, watch the fridge in the garage. In the winter here it gets too cold and it actually freezes everything in the fridge. My neighbor had many exploded cars of soda all over the place. Not sure how cold it gets in the winter by you or if your garage is heated!!!! Hope that all helps!

Sara said...

Side-by-side is the way to go!!!! That's one of the first purchases we made when we moved here. The old fridge went in the garage. Our side-by-side feels like it has tons of space, though the freezer is not very wide. It still holds quite a bit, and I'm sure just as much as the top freezer on the other fridge. We use the garage fridge to store all our extra beverages: milk, OJ, soda, bottled water that we always need more of, but that takes up too much space in the kitchen fridge. We use the freezer to store big supplies of meat and some ice cream. It's great!

LOVE the shirt, by the way. :)


Adam's Mom said...

That's my fridge! Except we got stainless steel (and stainless steel cleaner LOL) The side by side rules! Yes the freezer is not as wide so I can't buy frozen pizza's but heck pizza was meant to be ordered in anyways! Plus I have access to two other freezers (Shawn's bachelor friends who live in the building) So I use their freezers for the bulk items.

GREAT pictures by the way! Your kids are adorable

Crystal said...

We have a side by side, a deep freezer AND another fridge for drinks. We keep the deep freezer in the laundry room and the fridge out in the garage. Yes, the side by side freezers are small. 4 - 5 pizzas, and you are done.