Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Daycare, Itchy Butt, I Throw, and Get Him

Today has been busy. I feel like I'm the only person in this town doing daycare. I'm actually getting so overwhelmed with all the phone calls that I asked the referral agency I do business with on the food program to PLEASE take me OFF the referral list. I did that Sept 1st. I'm still getting calls. Sometimes it's word of mouth I get a ton of referrals that way but I think some of these gals called before September 1st and they have my name and number.

Anyways I had a meeting with a Mom on Sept 18th who got back to me last night and said she found someone closer to her home. Figures because she had a perfect little 16 month old. So then today 7:30 AM and I've got a woman who'd like to come over because she needs care starting tomorrow. She came over at 11:30 and said she wanted me to watch him, I said yes because he looks like such a good little guy. Her 3 yr old Zane will only be here for 1.5 hrs a day but it's in the afternoon so Dominic and Zane will have a ball together. Then 1:00 another Mom who called me 6 times in a day yesterday came by with her 10 mth old Kennedy. She is so so cute! Well I go through everything with her and then she says she wants to check with a friend f hers that does daycare also and she lives closer to her. Grrrrr! She's going to get back to me on Monday but I'm a bit pissed that she made a big deal about needing care only to tell me she's going to wait to talk to her friend. Whatever. If she does pick me to do it which she sounds like she will most likely, my schedule will be screwy as ever but will be something like this
  • Monday-Friday= Kayla 7:30-5:00/Dominic home at 12:00/Zane 2:00-3:30/Alex home at 3:30 and Lexi 3:30 to 5:30. I'll have Damien all day of course.
  • Thursday-Friday-- Kennedy from 10:30-2:30
  • Friday- Kelsey all day
  • Days out of school- All plus Savannah.

That's one screwy schedule but I'm ok with it.

I've been getting a bit frustrated with Dominic lately. He's now 3 1/2 and could care less about potty training. He doesn't even try, I fight him to go to the toilet. Usually I have to give him candy to get him to do it and he's poopin his pants all the time and won't tell me after he's doing it and will just let it sit there as long as I let him. Last night I got the biggest laugh because after I changed him and wiped his butt, he jumped up and started screaming "itchy butt!!!! itchy butt momma!" Then he started crying because it itched and burned. All I could do was laugh and we told him if he'd poop on the toilet he wouldn't HAVE poop on his butt making it itch. He was so upset crying and yelling about his itchy butt and looking at me for guidance. Well sorry boy! Not gonna itch it for ya! I get on him all the time about not scratching or itching is butt after a diaper change so what's he do instead???? Crying his heart out he sits on the floor and starts draggin his butt around letting my carpet get a nice whiff of what as just on there. By this time I'm about to cry from laughing so hard because it's his own fault! He knows to go poop on the toilet, he's done it before, he just won't. Same with peeing. To end this, we got him in the tub where I let him soak, came back in about 10 minutes and he said "itchy butt all better."

Something else that's really gettin me about his kid is his aggression. Anymore if he's out of control, we send him to his room to cool off where he beats the door with his feet or throws things at the door and flips over anything he can in his room. Well lately when he's really upset at someone for something, he's running off and finding something large and coming back to that person and screams "I throw you!!!!" in a low voice. Then he'll take the car, electronic toy or whatever and chuck it at the person. He's so angry when he says it and I'm not sure where he's picked it up that when he's mad he can just throw something at them and make himself feel better. His behavior is just out of control here. He's got a Jeckyl and Hyde personality. He'll be sweet and good for awhile but then totally turn on me, daddy or the kids and try to get physical. I pray he's not going to be like this as he gets older.

The last thing that is really getting to be a problem is "mine" with him. I think I had said that I just can't put Damien in a bedroom with him which is sad. You'd think your boys, 2 years apart would be able to share a room but Dominic is so possessive with his toys and mean to Damien because he doesn't want him playing with them that I'm afraid it's going to be a bad idea. When we do start looking into buying a house in April in Wichita, it will have to be a 5 bedroom most likely unless Damien and the baby could share a room since they'll be around 17-18 mths apart. I have had Damien pushed down onto the ceramic tile, pulled across the floor by his legs, hit in the head, dragged and locked in his bedroom all as deterents to keep him from toys that Dominic may have in the front room. I know as soon as I hear "mine" or "get him!" there's going to be trouble and usually I'm not quick enough and Dominic takes care of it himself by hurting his brother.

I'm getting burnt out. Running out of options here. Need help.


Colleen said...

I am going through something like that here too! Connor was given verbal warnings, had 3 times outs, then I removed him from the living room entirely...all for being physically aggtessive with Alanna. Daddy comes home and lets them play together for less than 5 minutes and Connor was pushing Alanna into the floor head first. He got a spanking after that. I feel mixed about the signal that sends "you can't hit, but Mommy can hit you", but it was the only thing that got through to him. When it comes to your baby's safety, you have to do what you have to do. Ditto about the room sharing too. Oy!

Adam's Mom said...

YIKES I don't know what to tell you. I have no idea what to suggest. I'll make a note to watch Nanny 911 for suggestions!

As for taking on more daycare kids: are you freaking NUTS????

Oh and Dominic rubbing his butt along the carpet OMG my dog does that on the cement outside! He used to do it on my carpet eeewww put a stop to that asap!