Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our 6 Year Old Has a Job in Sales and Marketing!!

Not really a long job, but it is a J O B. Alex is doing 3 fundraisers right now. 3!!! I HATE fundraisers, asking people if they want to buy (especially when you have to throw 3 in their face at once!) and with Girl Scouts they give QUOTAS on how much they'd like them to sell. We are currently selling Muffin Mixes, Magazine subscriptions, and Nuts/Chocolates. After these 3 are done guess what comes in a few more months?? Girl Scout Cookies!!!! UGH UGH UGH!

So who ends up buying the most of this to help out? Us. Because we don't want her not to get a prize and to feel left out ya know. I'm buying $20 in Chocolate, $20 in Muffins, and atleast 3 magazine subscriptions. There's some parents that just don't even try and don't buy anything which we do because we know it goes to a good cause for the Girl Scout troop she's in and for items for the school. I probably wouldn't have much of a problem with this but 3 at one time, this is a bit much especially since we won't be going door to door with her and she's not going to ask anyone to buy anything, she's too shy so I get to do all the leg work. Fun Fun. I just can't even imagine how this is going to go with 4 kids down the road. How many will I be doing at one time then?? 6? 8??

And now I'll leave a few pictures........

Here we have Damien in his Halloween Costume. He's a Monkey if you can't guess.

Here's Dominic playing with some of his trains.

Alexzandra and Dominic on Nick Jr instead of watching crap on Cartoon network.

I'd post more but of course Blogger won't let me. I always have this problem.


Adam's Mom said...

Can I order a magazine subscription or is that not allowed since I'm in Canada??

Sabrina said...

Sheri- they have this book we're supposed to fill out addresses for people and they will send the info to out of state people and it specifically says no to foreign and Canada. It's funny because I was going to ask for 11 addresses (yours being one of them) and well guess not since you're in Canada!! LOL I'm not worried about selling 10 magazine subscriptions though. That's the LEAST of my worries. I can just imagine some parents out there pushing people to death to buy but that's not me. I mean it's for a good cause but I'm not going to bug people. As you can tell I would NOT make a good sales person for any company!!

Rhonda said...

Z just got done selling stuff and she is 4!!!!!! We just asked the family. She didn't sell much. We bought a few things. If you want to put my address down for the magazines, I will see which ones are offered. And PLEASE let me know about Girl Scout Cookies! I will order some if you don't mind sending them to me!