Monday, September 25, 2006

What Happened to GOOD Cartoons!?!?!? Ya know the ones that TEACH?

Perhaps the biggest annoying thing on TV to me lately is what cartoons have become. Have I missed something? When did all this Japanimation crap become the "cool" thing to watch and is this ALL they play after 3 PM???? Alexzandra and Dominic are totally skipping the good kiddie cartoons and started enjoying new CRAP cartoons and I talk all kinds of smack when I see them turn it on around 4 PM. First is Avatar on Nickelodeon. What the hell is this? Nickelodeon I'm so disappointed in you. You got these great Nick Jr cartoons in the morning but by midafternoon you play mainly crap. Next is Cartoon Network. You can't expect much from Cartoon Network, the channel that after 10 PM plays ADULT cartoons calling it Adult Swim which Dave is totally addicted to. So not only do I have the kids watching this crap, I have Dave watching it too. The stuff on this channel has no real meaning or content which just annoys the living crap out of me. Yu-Gi-Oh, Teen Titans, Code Name: Kids Next Door, Hi Hi Puffy, AmiYumi, Pokemon, etc. The list of crap cartoons goes on just go to Cartoon Networks site! lol

Here's what I want. Blues Clues, Dora and Diego Wonder Pets, Sesame Street, Little Einsteins, and Jo Jo's Circus to be played in the afternoons, not just in the morning. I want Dominic and Alex to actually get SOMETHING from what they are watching instead of watching some stupid cartoons shooting balls of flames at each other and jumping around karate chopping the bad guys. If I don't get what I want, (which we know I won't) I'm going to make it mandatory now that the kids watch my prerecorded Nick Jr, PBS, and Disney Cartoons whenever they turn that junk on. Maybe I'm just losing it. Shall we all dress our kids up as Power Rangers this year or Pokemon characters and let them beat the crap out of other kids at people's doors?? And how many times did I say CRAP in this post?? lol


Alison said...

Do you get the channel Noggin? It plays the Nick Jr cartoons in the afternoon. :)

Lucia's Mom said...

Sabrina, you crack me up!!!!

Rhonda said...

I agree with you. We watch Noggin until it changes to the N at 5pm central and then we watch PBS sprout. It is 24/7 PBS cartoons. Hope you get those channels!!!!

Sabrina said...

Alison- Oh yeah! Noggin! I forgot about that station! Well I turned that on so when Alex walked in the door from getting off the bus she could have some educational television. Half hour later came back and it was on Cartoon Network with Pokemon on. Major Grrrrrrrr!

Cristen- I crack you up? Wait till you're dealing with this with sweet little Lucia! LOL That's WAY down the road though!

Rhonda- I didn't think we had Sprout but started playing with digital channels and found it! Turned it on and there was Oscar the Grouch! I had seen commercials but it seems like we're always late to get all that so I hadn't even bothered to look for it. Thanks for reminding me of that one! It's now on the Favorite button for the kids.

Tracy said...

Sabrina- I agree with the others that Noggin and Sprout are the way to go. I have nephews who watch that other crap, and my BIL enjoys it with them... it would drive me crazy! I find they repeat alot of shows on these channels, but it's okay when trying to get the lessons absorbed.