Monday, October 16, 2006

12 Weeks To Go

I'm probably the only person on Earth to say Thank God for Mondays. I wanted to do some things around the house and the kids just made it flat impossible plus Dave was being lazy and pissing me off. Dominic and Alex were constantly fighting, Dominic was running around the house like he was on crack, Damien was using his new found climbing skills on everything and acting like a monkey, Alex was bawling about everything and being a drama queen. Even the dog was on my nerves since he's always under my feet. There were a few missions I wanted to accomplish. #1- Cement Pads under Little Tykes playhouses, #2- cleaning the garage so we can fit both our vehicles back in there. Well the cement pads didn't get done since it's raining. The garage did but the truck is still outside since we have our flatbed trailer in there. The way it was completed was by doing it during Damien's naptime and when the kids went to bed at night. This is when we discovered Damien's new found skill of climbing.

We finally got Damien to bed Saturday night at around 9:30 and then headed out. Around 11 I heard a thud while in the garage but I thought it was probably just someone down the road shutting their car door. About 3-4 minutes later we hear some flat out screaming/crying with big pauses from crying so hard they couldn't breathe. I thought for sure it was Dominic, sounded just like him since he occasionally falls out of his captains bed but when I opened the door from the garage it was Damien standing there. He'd fallen out of his crib and was a hysterical mess. We lowered his crib to the last setting (about 1 inch from where it was before) so hopefully that inch helps because I'm not ready to put him in a toddler bed yet. Then last night, he discovered he could climb on the couch if he put pillows on the floor. He also has figured how to climb on the Rubberneck Ruffneck toybox I have in the front room for daycare. Last night he thought he was cool standing on it but then fell off straight backwards to the floor with a loud crash. Again he was hysterical bawling and freaked out by what happened. We've decided to stop telling him no and just let him do it and he'll learn eventually that falling hurts so maybe he shouldn't jump on the couch or climb on the toybox.

I'm getting pretty excited about the quitting daycare thing but a bit worried about the money. Who isn't worried ever about money? At the moment, I'm really not making much at all. I was making about $1,000 a month but now I'm around $500 since I've only got 1 full timer. I would probably do daycare up till the day we have this baby but since it'll be in January, I don't want to have to fill out food paperwork for January (or claim taxes in 07 if I never get back into it) I've been trying to find ways to cram money in the savings account. Our out of pocket max for the birth is $2500 but what's great is we won't owe anything the rest of the year for anything Dr related since we met the max. That's one great thing about having a January baby. I'm just ready to have her here and get this over with. I love being pregnant but by the end I'm done. I haven't been in any real pain or anything, just out of breath and well those horrific looking veins on my leg that do occasionally make me feel like my leg is being squeezed to death. Only 12 weeks to go.


Anonymous said...

Amen for you!! Dominic and Sammy must have ate the same bug was bouncing off the walls this weekend as well!

Hope your legs get better!


Rhonda said...

I am waiting to hear that thub from Zachary. He is becoming quite the climber and I am not ready for the toddler bed yet either.

I am glad you got the garage cleaned out at least!