Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Won't Lie, I'm A Fat Ass. But I AM Also Pregnant so That's My Excuse.

I jumped on the scale this morning. 3 lbs from 200 lbs. How depressing. Well at least I haven't broke it yet. The big 2-0-0 number that is, not the freakin scale. I started at 185 so I've gained like 12 lbs. If I pass 200 like I have with the 3 other kiddos I'll be sad and depressed. I look at my fat gut each day and wonder "do I really look much different than before?" LOL I know I do, normally I just have a jello shelf not this bulge above my belly button. Tonight is Gymnastics. I'd try to go in the cardio center at the YMCA like I was when they did gymnastics but I'd probably DIE on a bike or treadmill at the moment. I can't even walk up stairs without having a hard time breathing so imagine how long I'd last on a cross trainer. LOL I stopped going in there when I was about 6 wks pregnant.

Here's a few pictures from the morning. First we have Damien in his room, still in his pj's playing.

More playing going on. They've only been in there for like a hour and already destroyed his room by getting all the battery powered toys out of the closet.

Here's Damien playing with his train. He loves this thing because the peek a boo blocks move.


sheri said...

You look awesome! Don't call yourself a nasty name you crack head! I can't believe how far along you are!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sheri....you are crazy!! I think you look great! Wow...time is flying!! Keep taking those pic's! :) Damien is a DOLL!