Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

I totally forgot about Bus Driver Appreciation Day till about 8 PM when I went to look on the fridge at Alex's school lunch menu for day. Beef Steak. Well guess I need to make her a lunch AGAIN. I also have a calendar up there too with about a hundred things wrote on it for the month that I need to do. Wednesday October 18th: Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Shit on me. I had to think of something and fast since a trip to the mall for Bath and Bodywork lotion was out of the question (my original idea). Muffins? Brownies?? Some of MY new lotion? Ahhh! I have a Re-gift box, that's right!! So I ran down to the basement to my oops I forgot what day it is stash. I pulled out some nice small picture frames and a box of vanilla candles. That'll do. LOL Next I made a mad dash to the computer and prayed that I still had enough black ink to make 2 cards. I did although the Epson kept throwing up a flag saying "I told you WEEKS ago I needed black ink!!!"

This morning the kids were quite excited to give their gifts to their drivers Debbie (Alex's) and Colleen (Dominic's) Alex's bus driver came at 7:15 and looked at her like she was nuts when she handed over the gift. Then I started freaking. What if I got the day wrong. Ah crap! Then Colleen came at 8 AM and I asked her if I got the day right since she didn't know what to think either. I guess I did since she said they were having catered lunch at the bus barn and she was unsure why! Well now she knows, and I hope they feel appreciated for keeping our kids safe on their way to and from school.


Anonymous said...

I am so nervous about the day I have to let someone else drive the kids to school....but I will be sure to remember to thank them for the job they do.....we don't think about it it but it is ONE DARN important job!! Glad you reminded us!!! Thanks!~~

Rhonda said...

That is funny that they did not realize it was bus driver appreciation day! It was good of you to remind them!