Thursday, October 26, 2006

28 Week Appointment

Yesterdays appointment went well. I'm hoping I passed that 1 hour gestational diabetes test. I got out of doing the 3 hour like she initially had told me they would make me do when they found out I was pregnant again. My Grandpa worried as soon as I told him what this appointment was since he has Diabetes so I can tell you he was totally understanding and Grandma watched the 2 babes so I could go without kids. I had the worst time stomaching the orange drink this time. It tasted fine, I just couldn't get myself to drink it. It took me about 5 minutes to finish the 10 oz bottle. After that I had my OB appointment. It was then that I realized that this due date is just around the corner and I'm about to have my gut ripped open for a 4th time. She went over the C-section consent again and had me sign, gave me the info on cord banking, hospital forms, etc. Then she asked if I was still NO on getting my tubes tied. After that she left the room to get someone to come in and do the heartbeat. I sat there looking at everything with deep thoughts going through my head. I'm worried about this C-section since they seem to be worse each time as far as the recovery and the surgery itself. I think this is IT. I think if we have more kids I definitely want to look into adoption rather than put myself through major surgery and the chance that I may leave our kids without a mom if something bad does happen. If I start bleeding out, you're damn straight I'm going to say give me a hysterectomy, blood transfusion or whatever the hell I may need. I know I'll be OK till the day of the C-section, then I'll flip in the hospital probably turning into a big baby once again. It happens everytime.

So Mia Isabella will arrive on Jan 9th, 2007. That's 75 days from now. 10 Weeks and 5 Days. So far she has clothes, but no dresser, no bed, and most importantly no diapers. I think we'd better start getting the ball a'rollin.


Crystal said...

Mia Isabella is a beautiful name1 I can't wait until she is here!

Anonymous said...

Yikes...time is a tickin!!!

I love the name too....sounds like a princess name! :) (can you tell I read to many romance novels! ar ar)