Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If you read the other blog, you'll know that Dominic was recently diagnosed from his Ped. as having Borderline ADHD but he wants him to try therapy first before meds so they gave 2 people in town, and a referral in Wichita. Well D's company insurance is pricey but I have to say they really do well for their employees. We have this big magnet from them on the fridge of all these websites and phone numbers for benefits we get. He thought he'd just call the mental health hotline number to see what it was. What it is I guess is an on-call mental health facility with actual psychologists that anyone in your family can call in a time of need. They gave him more references in town and we get 3 free visits on each problem our family has. So Dominic's ADHD- 3 free visits. Momma losing her damn mind- 3 free visits you get the point. So anyways Dave called the woman reference they gave and we have an appointment with her Nov 1st.

The first visit is going to be the parents alone, no Dominic. She said this way she can get an understanding of the problems we have. Shall I create a spreadsheet for her???? I don't plan on talking much so I can keep my emotions in check. I don't need for her to see that I feel like I can't control the situation. I just want her to see he needs some help and we need to figure out why he's the way he is. I haven't even talked to her yet, Dave's the one that has set everything up. After our 3 visists then insurance will pick up on it, I'm not sure how much yet. Hell I don't even know how much therapy is a hour or any of that. This is all new to both of us.

This morning I have my 1 hour Glucose Screening. I hope I pass. Wish me luck because after Damien's 10 pound appearance last year they were pretty sure they should have failed me on that 3 hour. LOL At the beginning of my pregnancy they said they were going to automatically do the 3 hour this time. I think she forgot honestly(she has tons of patients) and scheduled the one hour since they never have my records at my appointment. Only a piece of paper that they file in with it later.

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Good luck at the screening...

*crosses her fingers*