Monday, October 23, 2006

Bad Dreams

I had some bad dreams this weekend. Usually I forget them soon after but these are sticking with me. I'm blaming pregnancy.

Dream 1. I left the baby in the car again and CPS took her away. If you remember, I did this to Damien when he was 5 mths old back last Christmas. I'm starting to relive this and she isn't even here yet.

Dream 2. Dominic burnt down the Pumpkin Patch at the church. Yeah. I'm just going to say first he does love fire and maybe this one came on because he was just staring at my candles the other night and wanting to get up next to them soooooo bad. He knows what matches and lighters are so we keep them in a cabinet above the stove.

Dream 3. A man tried to break in my house (to take Alex) and someone shot him to death but I'm not sure who. Then they dumped his body at the dike across the street from our house. I couldn't sleep for 2 hours after that dream because I swore someone was in the house.

Dave even had a bad dream. He pulled over to help some non-English speaking Mexicans and they stole his work truck. That just cracked me up since he's got some Mexican in himself. I wonder how many points his job takes away for that one. He got a $70 moving violation ticket last week and it takes away 1 point at his job (they have 10 pts a year) I think he's worried something else bad is going to happen with that truck since he got the ticket and a few month ago was in that accident where the gal hit him.

We didn't do anything this weekend since it was so cold and drizzly. I did take a few pictures. Also be on the lookout soon for Damien's new Dance Video. It may take me a day to get it up though.


Anonymous said...

Man, I HATE bad dreams....and it is even worse when the feeling sticks with you even AFTER you wake up! grrrr....

Man, you have some gorgeous kids! They are ALL photogenic. I love Alex's is SO long! :) what a beautie though!

And the boys! :) *sigh* They are TRULY cuties! I wanna snuggle Damien!~ :)

Can't wait to see the video...

Sheri and Adam said...

I had weird dreams the other night too! I dreamt I killed someone and wrapped their body up in an old mattress and finally confessed. I should not watch CSI before bed! I love the pictures! Alex looks a lot like you! And the boys - such cute!