Friday, October 20, 2006

Sorry if that last video was a bit too much for the eardrums. It does suck but honestly I can tell ya, I've had days it's been worse than that. That new baby, the one in the middle on the video, SCREAMS if I leave her. She's 11 months and follows me crying all over the house. She would like me to hold her for the 4 hours she's here but I just can't.

I was writing more junk on the calender after I found out some things at PT Conferences on some upcoming activities. I looked at Dave and smiled and said "can you imagine how much fun this will be in a few years down the road with 4 kids in school??" He just said "uhh yeah." He doesn't do much of the school junk I do since he has to work. I'm going to have to beg of my grandma's assistance though because this next week I have atleast 2 days I'll need help.
24th- Dominic's Pumpkin Patch trip-I'll take the babies.
25th- OB Appt and glucose test-NO KIDS
26th- Alex's school awards assembly-NO KIDS

After talking to Alex's teacher they'll be doing Accelerated Reader starting Nov 6th so I'll have to ask if she want to watch the kids on monday mornings for that. I feel bad about asking but Grandma loves it especially since she's retired.

I took the 4 kids (2 were mine) to Alex's school today because they were having some Chinese Acrobats doing some tricks. I thought Dominic and Kelsey (4) would like it. It was pretty neat. The preschoolers liked it. Damien and Kayla (22 mths) were kinda bored but no one got cranky or anything. Damien at the end was just glued to the acrobats as the woman was balancing a table and tossing it in the air. Dominic liked the hula hoop tricks and the gal on 8 foot unicycle. They were all very talented. The man though dressed as a Chinese clown I suppose was flipping around and would make this hissing laugh and I seriously thought he was going to scare the Kinders in the front. When he started tossing a big ol sword in the air I started getting a bit nervous! It was entertaining though.

After I had PT Conferences at Alex's school, I ran her over to Girl Scouts. We were the first there so I was talking to the Asst Troop Leader and asked if they needed my hotglue guns for the crafts I donated. She told me they were doing some other things and that the Troop Leader, C, stepped down and now she was troop leader and her sister was co-leader. This threw me. First off because I wanted to start the troop in the first place, I even had been talking to the council about it. Then when C and J said they wanted to do it too, I said ok that's fine and let them do it. I'm a bit mad that she didn't tell the rest of us moms what was going on before she just promoted her sister to help her. First her sister is a snotty skinny hair dresser who takes her stepkid to the meetings, drops her off and leaves. When you look at her, you'd think she was in highschool with how she dresses and skunks her hair. LOL She's hardly been there in the past but whatever. We don't plan on living her after the school year ends and we relist our house. I would have gladly helped out Jami but I guess she thought her sister would be able to do the job. Oh well.

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