Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Day Another Diaper

I was really having a hard time on that last post with Dominic's behavior at Gymnastics the other night. I still am. I think right now I'm just wondering how the hell the future is going to turn out with him. I'm talking when the baby is born, then next school year, and crap will he even be ready for Kindergarten in 2008?? In a way it's one of those "what the hell have we done?" type deals. No one can expect to have a kid with issues but still if he was our last I think this would be a totally different story and I think I could handle this better. He's going to be 4 in 4 months, he doesn't mind, he's not even peeing or pooping on the toilet hardly at all, and he's just plain crazy. Complete opposite of Alexzandra. At this point, Dominic who is 28 mths older than Damien is more work than Damien is. I can get Damien to mind, he's starting to answer my questions if I ask him a yes and no question, and he goes to sleep when I put him in bed. I don't have to worry about him running away if I forget to lock the top locks of our doors or getting into all the food in the kitchen. I almost expect that Damien will be potty trained well before Dominic too with the way things are going.

You know as long as he has trains, everything is pretty hunky dorey with him. I'm almost at a point I just want to take all the trains and trainsets away and see how he acts then. He'd beat his head into the wall with boredom I'm sure. He never has been big on watching TV, it's always just been constuctive play with the damn trains. Taking trains as punishment does not help with making him mind any better and if anything it makes him worse because then he harms hiimself or tries to hurt me. A straight jacket would be nice. LOL Last night he found some wood train engines at Kmart he HAD to have. I explained we could use money out of his piggy bank and he agreed so when we got home I gave him his piggybank and showed him the $10 bill that he needed to pay mommy for the trains. He grabbed it quickly and said "here ya go" and kept playing. It was comical, he could care less he gave up money to pay for his trains.

Well Damien turns 15 months old today! Quite amazing that he's that old already. He's still my little baby. He gives me big open mouth kisses when I say "give me a kiss" and he's now starting to shake his head YES in a big movement when I ask if he wants to eat or drink. He's still only saying "dis" "mamma" and "dadda" Hopefully his language skills will pick up more soon but the shaking his head for yes is a big big thing for me to see since Dominic really never did that at all.

As for this little girl growing away in my gut, her kicks and punches are turning quite vicious and not so little anymore. She's on the go in there all the time it seems. I can't wait to meet her. I found this carseat but it's $90 and Dave refuses to buy it because it's pink and not universal. I think he wants to keep the options open if there was another boy down the road but I love this seat. I still have our old carseat. I thought about sewing a cover for the one we currently own but I don't know if I can do it and do it right. I found some pink plaid quilted material at Walmart that almost matches this. I also am looking forward to having my body back. Although this pregnancy hasn't been rough at all so far my legs look completely scary. Awful really. They are turning purple everywhere from all the veins and blood flow going on. I know some of this will go down some after she comes but it is quite apparent I'll need to have that vein stripping done after this unless I never want to wear shorts. I've had so many people I barely even know ask "OMG what happened to your leg!" It looks more like a huge bruise than vericose veins since they've all wound together into a big blob of purple and blue. Having kids sure makes ya sexy. lol It's all worth it though.

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Anonymous said...

Darn right it is!! I miss being pregnant! (o.k you can slap me lol) I am sorry that Dom is such a handful...if it helps sister in law is going through the same thing with my nephew Matthew.

he just started kindergarten and they have this color system that tells you what kind of day they had ( like orange for good, yellow for 1 warning, blue for 2 warnings, red for office referral, and purple for I guess SERIUOS trouble)

He has had 4 reds, 1 purple, and mostly blues.

She is beside herself. Wondering what she did wrong. I know its cause my brother makes up half of the kid! And he was the SAME he is a computer genius! I hope you can hang in there! Vent anytime you need to...I read the other blog but dont comment cause Im not sure if you want me to!