Saturday, October 07, 2006

Parenting Gone Wild

I've pretty much had the whole "Go with the Flow" on parenting. The hospital lactation nurses dislike my methods, I don't do anything by any stupid book on the market, I don't take anyone's advice unless I try it and it works, and well bad habits i hope they just will quit and they for the most part do.

So now we come to the binkie phase again and how to end it with Damien. Dominic was a nightmare when we took it from him at 22 months, Christmas time. He beat his head in the walls at night, kicked the walls, got up out of his toddler bed, grabbed my legs and had me drag him around, etc. It was bad. Dave is wanting to go ahead get Damien off this thing now but to me he's not ready. He wakes up crying when he's lost it, he's still using it all the time to sleep. He can usually be found carrying 1 or 2 around at all times. I think taking it from him would really be hard on him and on me since I'm the one that does all the getting up at night with the 3 kids when they throw up, need medicine or just wake up for the heck of it. He'd be getting out easy.

Thursday night I attended a PTO meeting at Dominic's Early Intervention Preschool with Dave. He's been going since last year but since it falls on a Girl Scout day, I never got a chance to go. I arranged for my mom to pick Alex up from Girl Scouts and told her not to be late because Alex will probably be bawling. Sure enough, Mom says that she got there right at 7:30 so I don't know but I guess she was all upset. We're discussing again about getting a cellphone for her and yes I know she's only 6. If she has a cell phone we can call and say "hey there's a train I'll be a few minutes late" or "change of plans, grandma's coming." and hopefully she won't get so upset. She could also call if she needs something or wants to leave where ever she is. I don't see it as a problem although I'm sure other parents might. She'd only have it when I leave her somewhere.

Last night we watched Nanny 911 and just laughed and laughed. It bewilders me on why people have 3 or 6 kids if they are just going to scream and be so unhappy wishing they never had. Who knows maybe that will be us in years to come but right now even though Dominic is alittle poop head, you will not see me screaming at him all day and spanking him. Both Mom's on there last night were pretty pathetic if you ask me and well the Dad's weren't much better either since they didn't help. I would never call my kids assholes and tell them you are the worst kid ever. Even with my issues with Dominic I attempt to talk to him and tell him right from wrong but I would never call him anything to his face, I may talk about my frustrations though with others!! The whole show was comical because of how upset these mom's would get and how easily the situations could be fixed.

I'm brainstorming on what to do this weekend with the kids. Disney on Ice, Pumpkin Patch, Kids Museum, Zoo. I'll have pictures of something next week though. LOL

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Anonymous said...

You know with Samuel...we let him have the binky till he was 2....(who CARES what people think...and you should have seen the looks we got) Then I told him he had to be a big boy.....and that was that! :) Guess I got lucky!

Though I WISH McKayla would take one. She uses ME as a pacifier!

I say, do what is EASIEST on you!!!! You have so much else to deal with....SUPER mom!