Monday, November 27, 2006

6 More Weeks. GULP.

I think I irritated the crap out of Dave all weekend long. That's what he gets for being home for 4 days with me. I am starting to panic on just about anything that has to relate to bringing a baby home. First, I don't know why but I think this child is going to come out a boy instead of a girl. I'm so freaked out about it, I'm going to wash up some newborn boy clothes just incase because I'd hate to take to take home a boy in some nice purple Carter Outfit I have for a coming home outfit. I've got my pink carseat picked out but now I'm terrified to buy the thing incase it's a boy. Dave thinks this is absolutely stupid since I saw on the sono and announced it was a girl before the sono tech did but you hear those stories and you just can't help but wonder. I'll have a panic attack on the table gut opened and all if they pull out another boy. I can already tell I'm in for trouble with the two I have in the next few years.

Next irritating topic I discussed with him was if my little sister Mandi is going to be able to handle everything around here. I told her I'd make a list of what happens when so she could try to keep the kids on schedule. I just have this complete fear of not being incharge I guess. Mandi has never changed a boy diaper and we have 2 in diapers so she's in for a shell shock when she discovers all the crevices down there to wipe. LOL Alex has to be ready and on the bus by 7:10 AM and Dominic by 8AM. Bedtimes are 8:30 PM. Alex has AR books we read nightly. The kids all 3 take baths at 7 PM. I just hope she's ready. Thankfully my Mom and Grandma will be around to help her out. She shouldn't have much of anything going on from about 8 AM-Noon since it would be just her and Damien. I know I'm going to be laying there while I'm being operated on that morning all worried that my mom didn't get the kids to school and Damien was forgotten since she was in a hurry to get them on the bus.

This weekend was long and quite boring. Alex was pretty upset that we never put up lights or the tree but I'm waiting till Dec 2nd when I've only got just 25 days and I can rip it all back down. The tree has become a yearly nightmare. First it's been pulled over probably 3 times from the kids pulling on it. Then we've had candy canes all ate off it and ornaments DESTROYED. We threw away all the glass bulbs when Alex was a baby and bought foil red ones but the kids just pull them apart and throw them around like balls. Then the gifts have to be hid till the day before because Dominic loves to open early. By the time it's Christmas Day, the garland is pulled so tight it is on the inside of the tree, the rest of the tree is bare green at the bottom and about waist high is when the ornaments start.

Thanksgiving was nothing special. We went to my Mom's for lunch and Dad's for dinner. I wouldn't say I spoke to my sister Jill but we said a few things back and forth when talking about different things (like the kids schools) to sorta break the ice. At my Dad's we really didn't do much either. My dad took the kids downstairs and started dragging out all his toys for them. Dominic and his cousin Kaelynn fought then started sharing an old Wonder Horse he has. Alex was busy taking tons of pictures with our retired digital camera.

We noticed Damien growing with his language this weekend. He's learned a few more words. We're up to "uh uh" (shakes his head no) "mama" "dada" "dis" (this) "ni ni" (night night) "bye" and "uh oh" I never thought it was really that important tracking words until we noticed Dominic was so behind so I'm really paying attention to it now. He seems to comprehend more than Dominic does like if we ask him to go turn the TV on he can do it.

The rest of the weekend we spent at home trying to keep the kids busy. "What can I do?" comes out of Alex's mouth ever 30 minutes if she isn't completely occupied. They played games, cars with the car rug we have, watched TV, played outside, colored, etc. Daddy took them out for a bike ride which made them both pretty happy since they don't do that much. Here's some new pics.
I used that super zoom on our new camera to take this one. We really need to paint the poles to the horse pen. Looks terrible!
Riding Bikes
Alex draggin the trike home that she ended up having to ride since Dominic wanted her purple bike.
Steering Dominic's trike home since he stole her bike
Dominic hula hooping. He's a riot trying to do this.
Hula Hoopin
Blowing some bubbles
Damien in the clubhouse climber. He was getting ready to slide.
Playing in the Clubhouse
Hey who's gonna catch this dang ball??

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Practicing some Gymanstics
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What's a weekend without hours upon hours of playing with trains?

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Anonymous said...

Where has the time gone?


I love those pictures! Lucky you to have land for the kids to play on! We cant wait to get back to the mainland to buy a house with some yard and land!


I am SO jealous!