Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Isn't She a Doll????

Ok so I've been thinking about getting another Guinea. Why? Because they are so so cute and the Vinnie would love another friend! I looked all over Kansas and well this little girl popped up in Oklahoma in the Tulsa area to be exact. I would LOVE to run down there and pick her up but the 3.5 hr car drive will end up at 6 hours with how many bathroom breaks I'd probably have to make. There are a few in the area my sister lives (we want a female) so I may have to have her bring us a new baby at her next visit. It would be easy to pick one out from a pet store but D and I do not support buying animals from places who have a 3 ring binder of asshole breeders who they call for more animals while the Humane Societies are faced with tons and tons of unwanted animals they have to kill off. We do believe that Petco does a great job though with working with adoption agencies and actually the rescue agency I used to work with, we'd go show dogs for 3-4 hours on Saturdays and adopt nearly half of them. They are a great pet store.

In other news this past week has been a headache. Both Damien and Alex are on meds for ear infections, my vacuum broke, Bailey has fleas again, the pump was acting up but that's fixed, it's just one thing after another. I told Dave that I think maybe we should put off getting an SUV to replace his 01 Ram but I think I got him all excited about it and now he really wants to replace it where before he didn't. LOL We found a 05 Dodge Durango (we love Dodge) for $21K and it's got everything. Things we don't need like heated leather seats, memory driver seats, or a sunroof for that matter but it's got 8 passengers, 4WD and a DVD system and I probably wouldn't mind the Infinity Sound system. LOL We're waiting to see if the price drops soon because once they are on a lot for 30 days they get really easy to deal with on the price. It could possibly be our Christmas gift to each other. We'll see if they have it that long.

Damien has turned into his "uh uh" monster. He disagrees with me on everything shaking his head no and saying "uh uh!" We're talking he must say this like 2 to 300 times a day.

"Damien, do you want a drink?" "Uh Uh!"
"Go play with your car." "uh uh"
"Let's go night night." "Uh uh!"
"Blues Clues is on!" "Uh uh"
"Cookie??" "UH UH!"
"want to go bye bye?" He nods his head real big yes and smiles.

Along with uh uh and shaking his head no all the time at every possible thing, he's also found that Dominic being mean to the dog is funny so he's started. Now I'm finding him trying to step on Bailey, pull him around by his tail, or lay on him all the time and laughing as he does it. I've been working with Dominic for 2 years now (and still working) on respecting animals and I'm going to have another 2 more years or so with Damien. Ugh, no fun. I think I'm in for it now that Damien is getting older and it's just going to get worse. Damien is going to need his own stories blog too. lol

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