Thursday, November 30, 2006

Today I'm breaking the news to one of my daycare Mom's that I'm quitting daycare for awhile. She's part time and only has Kennedy here twice a week and for the past month I've hardly even watched her. This is the screaming baby. I'm telling her the 15th is when my last day will be but the others I'm keeping till the 22nd. I don't even know if her mom knows I'm pregnant. I never told her. Dave says there's no way looking at my huge gut that she can't realize that I'm pregnant. LOL The other 3 parents I'm going to hold off till the 8th to let them in on my plans. 2 of the Mom's I've been watching their kids since 8-2004 so they probably won't like that I don't plan on coming back to work after 6 weeks. Damien I was doing daycare again only 4 weeks after he was born. I've been doing this for nearly 4 years now and so I'm sure alot of people are going to be shocked.

I swear I could make a huge list of irritating things that have happened in the past week. Dave said no to a new guinea pig at this time. He's being a big meanie about it. Poor Vinnie.

Both Dave and I forgot Alex's Dentist Appointment yesterday which put her in hysterics bawling about it. She wanted to go that bad. She's wanting to know why all her friends are losing their teeth and she hasn't even got one that's loose yet. Dave thinks that she just needed something to cry about since she usually finds something daily to cry about. Everything is usually turned into drama with her.
Then remembering to give both Alex and Damien their medicine for their Ear Infections has been fun.

Last night I made noodles for Ziti only to find that there were Millworms in them. Yeah Larva floating in my noodles and water so I ended up dumping the whole pot outside for the birds to eat and making Lasagna.

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But one good thing, I got a new vacuum to replace my old one yesterday. The last was a bagless Regina, only 3 yrs old and I think once we get a new belt it should be working fine again. We bought a Hoover Fusion and it is AWESOME. No filters, no bags and you just hold the canister over the trash push a button and the bottom falls out into the trash! It's supposedly better than a Dyson. All I know is we went over the carpet over and over with my Dad's Windtunnel then with the Fusion and it picked up tons of rocks and dirt out of the carpet. Sad that one would get so excited over cleaning equipment. In this picture you can tell I was so excited to use it, I threw tons of junk on Dominic's dresser that was on the floor so I could clean his floor.

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Anonymous said...

O.K. I have commented TWICE on this post, and BOTH times it disappeared.

Let's give it a third....third times the charm eh?

To put it simply..poor Vinnie....I have a child that has to cry at least once a day just to cry...and I am glad you are getting a much deserved break from childcare!