Saturday, November 04, 2006


I kinda blew right over Halloween. The kids I think had a great one. They got a buttload of candy (around 20 lbs) mainly because of where we take them. First we took them from about 5-7 PM to 3 trunk or treats at local churches. Then after that we went to this neighborhood where the houses are crammed together. I kid you not when I say a person could stick their arm out the window and grab their neighbors hand if they were doing the same at their house. They are that close and everyone in that neighborhood has kids so they all turn on their lights.

Before all that hoop-la, I had been running back and forth for parties at the school. Damien was still just acting like he had a cold but now I realize I probably exposed 100's of kids to the stomach flu! Good mommy! First thing we did that morning was get the kids in their costumes before the buses came. As soon as 8 rolled around and Dom's bus came, we flew to Alex's school for the costume parade and got that camcorded. Then we came home for a few minutes and then rushed over to Dominic's school so we could hand out candy to the 4 classes at his school since they were doing a trick-or-treat around the block. After hanging out there for awhile I headed home till about 1:30 and then ran back to Alex's school for the class party. I took goodie bags for her classmates and also brought a tape player and halloween songs so they could play Halloween Musical Chairs. They loved it especially when Monster Mash was playing. It was one busy day, I'm glad it's over till next year.

Dominic waiting to go get some more candy.

Dominic and his classmates checking out their loot.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Looks like they made out like fat rats! (as my mom used to say lol)

Glad they had fun, and glad the sickenss is finally leaving your house!

Sheri said...

Look at all that loot! WOW! I can't wait until Adam is old enough to get lots of candy so I can eat it LOL