Monday, November 06, 2006

I THINK we're back to normal.

Well for the most part the weekend went uneventful with puke and poop. Sunday we had 2 puke incidents with Dominic mainly from drinking WAY too fast since he's had the most coming out of him, and once with Alex causing her to stay home from school today. If there's no squirt or upset tummy issues going on, the kids are pretty much normal. But when something is about to come out from somewhere, they turn miserable. It's sad. Dave and I were talking about how we feel so good about our decision with me staying home after Dominic was born because there's no worry about getting off work to get our kids healthy. We can make sure they are completely well before sending them to school. We don't feel like shitty parents. When Alex was a baby it was sad because she was sick alot and it was such a pain in the ass because we needed to work for money (or get fired from strict attendance policies) and just couldn't stay home and baby her back to normal.

I felt awful last night when Alex came upstairs from the basement at 10 PM crying saying she puked in her bucket and on the floor. She could have been choking down there and I would have had no idea. I'd put a baby monitor down there but the handset was in our room and I didn't think in that short 2 hour span before we went to bed that anything would happen. Anyways it kinda freaked me out especially when a friend of ours just died on Halloween from a seizure in the basement at his mom's house since no one was with him. One of my biggest fears is that one of the kids will choke on their throw up in bed really at any age and not just as a newborn.

I also busted my toe AGAIN on a metal chair in the kitchen when I was using it to get up in the cabinets. I was doing a makeover since we're having a new dishwasher installed today. Yes I have been without a dishwasher now for 6 months and it has sucked. What happened was we had this nice portable and when we were looking at moving to Tulsa in April we sold it to make the kitchen more spacious, then we didn't even try selling the house till July. Well we're doing it the right way and ripping out the cabinetry and having it installed. I'm so excited. So hopefully a new dishwasher tonight will lead to a great rest of the week puke and squirt free.


Anonymous said...

Heyyy..I commented on this yesterday and it's not here! weird.

Well in a nutshell...glad things are back to normal!

Sheri said...

I am glad things are back to your "normal" life which I call the crazies LOL Take care of yourself and your family!