Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well Dominic had his appointment today.
Click here to read on it. Things have been so much better. Finally! AND my new dishwasher was installed Monday night. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! If the picture of it looks small, that's because it is. It's an 18 inch since the previous owners never made room for a 24 to ever be installed in this kitchen. It has been SO NICE finally having one again. Handwashing 2-3 times a day is just a pain in the ass when you have kids constantly getting new sippys, snacks, etc. I hate to use paper all the time, I feel so wasteful when I know I can make the time to handwash. One thing I do use for snacks as bowls though are coffee filters even though neither of us drink coffee we always have them. LOL

I was trying to chat with Carrie for awhile on Yahoo Messenger yesterday when my mother came over so I had to end it short. She had asked me how many kids I wanted if this wasn't our last. I'm in NO RUSH to get pregnant again anytime soon just so everyone knows. My body has taken a major beating being pregnant 5 times now in 6 years. I'll just say I think 4 is a great number but 6 would be nice too. Way back when, Dave and I thought a boy and a girl would be perfect. We had no plans for a 3rd until we got pregnant on accident and lost it. Then I think that's when it all changed for the most part. But what's odd is before that, when Dominic was about 9 months old I took him to some garage sales with me and may have stumbled upon my future with kids. This woman had TONS of children's books for sale and instead of buying just a few, I asked how much for all of them, around 150 actually. She said $5 and I said "deal." He mother held Dominic while I loaded up my loot which he screamed the whole time because he was a big momma's boy. I came home all excited with the books and started going through to see what all we had got. Curious George, 2 complete Sesame Street series, tons of Scholastic books and then there were these 4 books in one of the boxes that obviously weren't kids books. They were called Mother's Memories: For My Daughter/Son. Two for My Son, Two for My Daughter. I thought, that's weird and looking inside they are completely new, nothing at all wrote in them. As soon as Dave came home I showed them to him and told him it was like some sort of sign. He was like "yeah right." Everyone I would tell about these books and show them would say it was sign that we were going to have 2 boys and 2 girls. I filed them away in the basement for 2 years and never have touched them, even to fill them out for Alex or Dominic and actually kinda forgot about them till the other day when I was cleaning by the bookshelf. When I looked at them there I was like holy crap, we're really having 2 boys and 2 girls and I can fill these out. What's sad is if we had anymore kids I don't think I would find these books since they are older. So maybe 4 is it? lol Who knows.

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Anonymous said...

You never know what life may bring...

you may go to another sale and end up finding 2 more exactly like that! :)..hehehehe

Now THAT would be something! ( I would love to see your face if you ever DID come across another one) ~~

What would you do then? LOL

Off to check the other one..

P.S LOVE your dishwasher....I think getting new appliances rival jewelry! :)