Friday, November 10, 2006

Just Leave It To Dave To Start a PTO Riot

Man I deliberately avoided going to the PTO meeting last night at Dominic's school. I knew shit was going down and I wasn't going to be there when it did. It all started about a week ago. First off Dave is on the PTO at Dominic's school. He was elected in since no one wanted the fundraising position. He knew he could do good with this because of his "connections" since with his job he deals with tons of different businesses who could probably offer up donations. Well he's in good with the franchise owner of the CiCi's Pizza in the area. They offered to do a 10% pizza school night for both Alexzandra and Dominic's school. Our only job would be to promote it to the parents to attend on this 1 day a month and the PTO gets 10% of that nights profits. Awesome deal right??? Only thing is one of the gals on the PTO is part owner of a local pizza place here in town we'll call K's Pizza and they do a similar thing for the school but only 2 times a year and they give 1/2 the profits when you say you are from the school BUT require 5-6 parents to work in the kitchen that night so honestly they are getting free labor for giving 1/2 the profits.

So last night I had told Dave I didn't have anyone taking Alex to Brownies and I would be taking the 3 kids with me so he could go to the PTO meeting. He was fine with that. I went to Brownies and told the gals about it and said I was pretty worried because I knew he'd get confrontational if the PTO wanted to give up free money because they didn't want to hurt this gals feelings. Well at 7:30 we left Brownies and came home and I wanted to hop on my cell so bad and call him but I knew he would probably call as soon he left there.

He finally did call around 8 PM and said that Brandi the PTO president had put the CiCi's deal down as new business on the agenda so when he walked in the door, the K's Pizza woman started shaking her head and giving him dirty looks. Then he said she barked out "you already know what I have to say about this." I guess he told her back, "I really don't care what you have to say." So anyways he told everyone about it, everyone else seemed receptive and it's going up for vote at the next meeting in December. He wants to contact alot of the parents and have them attend so we can blow this woman off her high horse since I guess she's always acted like such a big person at these meetings since they give money doing a K's pizza night. As he was leaving he said 4 other members came up and told him not to worry about her and they thought it was a great idea. He told them they asked him to be fundraiser member and so he's just coming up with money ideas.

IF they vote it down next month, he's resigning from the board. I know the school would be upset by this because he's trying to get businesses to donate money for an FM modulator for a few of the deaf students and he's also going to be asking a bicycle place for a donation of labor to replace the school's bicycle brakes and wheels if they buy from them.

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Anonymous said...

Grrrr...they are ALL like soap opera...they shoudl have a reality show called PTA or PTO!