Monday, November 13, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

Another post not for the weak stomach.....beware!

There is never a dull moment here. Never. Last night we almost made a trip to the ER with Alex. We haven't had to go to the ER with a kid since Dec 2000 when she had Bronchitis and a double ear infection at the same time. First though, I thought instead of calling 911, I'd call the ER and ask what to do. I called the main number and got a receptionist in which I asked for the ER. She asked me if I needed medical advice and I said yes. Guess that's the wrong answer. She then told me they aren't allowed to give out medical advice over the phone. Wrong response. I flipped and decided maybe I should just let the little bitch know what the hell was going on and why I needed some medical advice. I said "listen, I have a 6 year old little girl on the toilet with her butthole about 2 inches in diameter screaming because there's a piece of crap stuck that won't come out and I need to know what the hell to do!" She kinda changed her tone then and said that the ped. Dr. W was on call. I said "yes I'm quite familiar with him (he's a back up ped I go to) I'll talk to him." So she took my number and had him call back in which I let Dave answer because I was going through this numb/passout/adrenaline stage in fear for what was to lie ahead for poor Alex. I sat next on the kiddie stool in the bathroom talking to her asking if she was ok, if she wanted books, etc trying to keep her calm when I was scared to freakin death. Before I called the ER we had both tried to help her out. As a parent, if your kiddo is in pain, you'll try anything I'll just say. I broke alot off hoping it'd go back in but it didn't. Again I'll say Dave is the best Dad ever. Not only will he clean puke like it's a puddle spilt grape juice but he'll also try removing things from his poor daughter's butt. He kept saying "this is so wrong, this is so wrong." And it was but we had no choice we were heartbroke listening to her crying and screaming in pain. I put in 2 suppositories, and we broke out the Miralax which is something we hadn't gave her for atleast 2 years. I called my mom frantic and she ran to buy 2 enemas. Luckily the 2 suppositiores did the trick after about 45 minutes and she pushed the rest out.........holding Daddy's hand. Thank god. It was scary and this hasn't been our first issue with poop with her but it was definately the worst. We don't know if she just waits forever but she always poops hard and huge. I give her raisens and applesauce all the time just to keep from giving her the Miralax. Usually about once a month I hear her cry on the toilet because she's in pain and usually about twice a month she stops up the toilet because it's that big. So today I am calling our Ped to talk to him again about the issue and what we should do. I hate to give her the Miralax daily but it looks like we may. We also thought if it worked to give her just one dose a week, friday afterschool and hopefully it'd work before Sunday night.

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring, infact we didn't do much of anything because it was so cold and I hate getting out with the kids when it's freezing. Dominic and Damien are really starting to be rowdy boys together. All weekend long they were throwing things, taking things from each other, screaming with joy, running around like idiots and then playing with the loudest noise making trucks in the house such as the Road Rippers and Fire Trucks. There was no quiet at all except for bedtime. There was still alot of fighting between the two on certain toys but I think Dominic's starting to warm up to the idea of his brother playing with him. I know Dominic has taken having a little brother pretty hard because he doesn't like to share and as soon as he saw around 9 months that Damien liked cars and trucks, he decided he didn't care for him once again. He's always pushing him, hitting him, and yelling at him to stay away from his things.

We also noticed this weekend that Bailey has fleas. Dave found one on his leg and I caught one getting ready to climb inside Dominic's ear!!! We cleaned the carpets and kept the dog off the carpet all day. Right before bed Dave sprayed some flea killer down so hopefully that did the trick. He still wants to bomb the house. When I gave Bailey a bath this morning though, only about 15 fleas came off him so I'm wondering how much of a problem we really had. Dave knows best though so I guess if he has to bomb he has to bomb.

I'm starting to wish we wouldn't have taken our house off the market. D left this morning at 5:45 AM and won't be back till tomorrow evening at 5PM. It's not just for this event but he's really been working his butt off so he's gone from usually around 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM. He's got that 1 hour drive there and back each day and sometimes with traffic or things that come up I never know when he can be home. There's been a few nights eating dinner without him till he finally shows up. Of course the kids the whole time we eat ask "where's daddy? When's daddy coming?" We always eat at the table together so when he's missing there's lots of questions to where he is. Hopefully next summer we'll get moved so it only takes a few minutes for him to get home instead of a hour.


Alison said...

One of the questions we asked our new pediatrician was, "Is it normal for our 3 year old to have poop that looks like it would hurt me coming out?"

Apparently it is. *rolling eyes* *sigh*

I was hoping she'd grow out of it. After reading this post, I'm not so sure. Thanks.


Colleen said...

Man you always have a lot of crap to deal with, pun intended. It never gets boring though! My kids are vegetarians and eat enough fiber to choke a horse so I have never dealt with that, but I guess I do now! It will probably happen after a stay at Grandma's house or something. Guess you just have to dig in! Lol :)

Sabrina said...

Alison- I know when I see Alex's poop sometimes my eyes probably bug out because it's HUGE! I think I remember you saying you had problems before with her poop on your blog. Is she on Miralax? If not, you may look into it or see about getting a free sample from your ped. My main problem with Alex is she won't touch any veggies or fruits except for applesauce, bananas and pears. On veggies she'll only eat salad and carrots.

Colleen- LOL! Love the pun. Well,you have it easy then, I'm sure their poop just slides right out. LOL If you have any secrets to getting them to eat veggies and fruits without a fight, let me know!

Anonymous said...

aw the poor thing!! I was like that as a child as well until I was about 11. *blushes* My mom had NO idea why...and then all of a sudden it stopped and I got to stop taking a pill every day. All I can say is I feel for her! :( Thank goodness no one ever had to pull it out of me though! *ouch!* *sigh* The things we do for our angels! :)