Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Everyone Loves Free Samples.

I thought I'd post a few links for all the Mom's out there for some free samples of products on the market.

Well Alex made it through the day without any issues. At dinner I gave her a Miralax/Dr Pepper cocktail because her Dr wants me to give it to her everyday again like we were a few years back. It makes me sick that I'm having to do this again. What makes me even more sick is that if we do have to go ahead and do meds with Dominic on the ADHD, I'll be making daily cocktails for both kids. UGH.

Last night Dave came home to chaos. Dominic is morphing my sweet baby boy into a wild child. They run around after each other in the front room, jump off the couch together, take toys and throw them for the hell of it, and the screaming and giggling. Ahhh! Last night at dinner, Dominic started doing his normal choke/cough/I don't like this food thing and just like a miniature Dominic, Damien started doing the same exact thing and looking at me for approval or disapproval. When he saw me shake my head no he started laughing and so did Dominic so then all through dinner they both were doing it at each other. It was very annoying. At 7 PM I started the evening routine since Dave was obviously beat and not in the mood for the kids acting like monkeys so I got them to bed at 8:30 so he could relax. He got to come home last night after all but didn't arrive till 6:45pm. I really can't wait till we move next year so he'll be closer to his work and can come home earlier. Here's a few recent pictures.

3 oz of Danimals is not much Mom. Buy the big bottles!

Damien loves Dominic's PT Cruiser.

Get out of my way Momma, I'm trying to watch WonderPets.


Sheri said...

I love the pictures of Damien! All of the sudden he just looks so grown up to me! It's crazy! Love the pic with the cap on!

Anonymous said...

Awwww what a doll! He is so cute! I love his hair! I can't believe how much older he is looking too! I have to agree with Sheri. Please keep those pictures coming!~~