Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I had my 31 week appointment this morning. We just chatted a bit about the kids since this pregnancy is somewhat BORRRRRING. I don't think I could have gotten any luckier. Watch though, my recovery from having a 4th C-section is going to be an absolute nightmare and I'll have PPD really bad and try selling my kids on ebay. LOL I think my blood pressure was the lowest I've ever seen at only 117/70! I've only gained 10-12 lbs and I'm measuring at 32 weeks. This little girl is going to be tiny! I swear I'm not starving myself either. I eat pie and ice cream atleast once a day ya'll. Our Kroger had Marie Callendar pies for BOGO so you know I loaded up! Can't even count the number of Orange Julius and Shirley Pina Coladas I've been drinking either. I really should eat better.

Yesterday Alex saw me spiking her drink. Oops. She said "are you putting that stuff in my drink?" I told her that the Dr said I had to give it to her everyday now. She responded back, "well that must be why I had to poop at school." I told her that was great! Then I asked for details. It's sad that I must be THAT involved in my kids crap but I needed to know if the medicine is doing it's job. If it's acted that fast then I may call and ask if we can go to every other day.

Dominic has some new videos on his blog. They are of his hyperactivity around the house and some fit throwing. You may turn down the volume just a bit when you go to the fits or you could perhaps blow your speakers. LOL

I hoping to start shopping for Christmas this weekend. Has anyone else started? What will you be buying this year?? How much will you spend per child? With how much our TV is on Nick Jr, Noggin, and Sprout, I've got a GOOD idea what the hot toys are this year and what the kids want by how excited they get with the commercial. Dominic would like the Imaginex moving T-Rex, trains of course, and a Playmobil Pirate ship. Alex wants this Fur Real Monkey, anything Bratz Dolls (fat chance!), Barbie 12 Dancing Princess dolls, and the Fisher Price Piano/TV thing. Damien will be a bit harder to figure out but he seems to like that commercial with Sing and Spin Pablo. He likes anything with wheels though so I know cars/trucks/trains for him to push will be on the list. Dave has other ideas for the older two. He found an ATV at Pepboys for $300 he'd like to get them. And he's the one who wants to only spend about $100-150 per kid. Riiiiiight. He has already went out and bought Dominic a $90 Train table with train. Don't think he's sticking to his budget very well.

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Anonymous said...

We havent even STARTED shopping yet. I know the Pablo you are taling about becasue every time we go inot walmart Sammy has to push the button and have him sing and spin. We may get that as well, since McKayla gets a kick out of it as well. Besides Barney, Backyardigans is the only other show she is interested in. :) Brad wants to get Sammy a hummer (motorized ride on)...I am like hehehehe MEN!~