Sunday, November 19, 2006

Things That Only Bored SAHM Would Ponder.....

On one of the Babycenter Boards I post on, some of the girls were wondering about strange things in some of the morning cartoons we end up watching with the kiddos. I've thought about some of these before myself. Be prepared to laugh!!!

So Scooby Doo and the gang have been solving mysteries now for what? 35, 40 years? Besides the fact that they are all STILL teenagers, how come none of them has ever clued in to the fact that the "ghosts" or "monsters" ALWAYS turn out to be just some guy (or girl) in a costume? Why are they always afraid of the monsters at first? How come Velma never reveals who she thinks the bad guy is BEFORE they pull the mask off? How come Shaggy and Scooby are never afraid of the monster when they are doing all the goofy things to distract him? Why don't they just pull the mask off the guy then? And how do a bunch of kids get the money to travel to all those places? (I guess they save money by never buying clothes...they're always wearing the same things!)

Where the heck are Max and Ruby's parents??? Why hasn't anyone ever called Children's Services on them? Ruby is what...maybe 7 years old? Since when is that old enough to be left alone all the time with a little brother?

Speaking of parents, what's with Dora the Explorer's parents? Who lets their little kid go wandering through forests, across snake infested rivers, over mountains, etc all by herself? Ok, so Boots is with her...but still!

How old are Ernie and Bert? They must be grown ups because they live all alone in that apartment, right? So why is it that they're always playing with toys and hanging out at the playground?

How come the characters on Bob the Builder speak in normal, North American voices, but the minute one of them asks a question, BAM! They instantly have British accents?

How come in The Flintstones, whenever somebody runs through the house, they pass that same lamp and chair like 17 times? Who decorates a house like that, anyway?

Have you ever wondered what the Barney kids are like off camera? Does the director drug them to act so polite and goody-goody all the time, or do they just pay them lots and LOTS of money? No REAL kids are like that ALL the time! It's just not natural!

Why does little bear walk around "naked", yet his parent and grandparents all have clothes?

With Franklin why is it he has a name and all his friends are called by the type of animal they are?

On Thomas the Tank Engine, whenever there's a big accident, how come only the engines get in trouble, but never the drivers???

Why is Miss Spider so much larger than her husband? And, if they're married, shouldn't she be "Mrs. Spider"?

Why in the heck is his dog named weenie on Oswald?? Could Fido have worked??

Why does Stephanie on Lazy Town have pink hair??

Teletubbies...what do they eat? The lulu vaccum thing eats all their food...They try to eat, but never quite make it. And they're chubby!

Why is Caillou bald?

What does Joe/Steve on Blue Clues do for a living? He sits around and plays with his dog and condiments all day. I know you can't get welfare as a single dog parent.

How is it that Dora and Diego can stick all that stuff in their backpack and carry it??

Why is it that Dora and Diego can drive? They can't be older than 10!

Why is Swiper so slow when swiping something? He waits forever then tries taking it!

How come on Spongebob they live underwater but it doesn't look like they are underwater on the show?

Why does a bear live in a big blue house?

Why does Elmo have his own house, TV, and Phone and windows that do so crazy stuff. I mean even though his house is colored with crayons its still his own house. Hes like what 4-5 .

The Berenstein come all their friends have real names, (Lizzie, Cousin Freddie, etc) but Brother and Sister are just "Brother" and "Sister"? And why did the parents name Brother "Brother" if he was an only child at birth???

What's with Bob and Wendy? Are they married? She's at his house alot!

Why can Sponge bob eat 100 crabby patties and yet still have stick legs and a flat arse?

Did anyone notice that Dora's mom had a homebirth with twins? and then bottlefed them? And then they get babyfood in like the very next episode.

On Sesame Street, why haven't they changed the name of Mr. Hooper's store after all these years?? Shouldn't it be Allan's store?

When Donald Duck gets out of the bath/shower why does he wrap a towel around his waist, but walk around all day with only a shirt on and no pants?

Why are Little Einsteins flying around in a Space Ship all day singing??


Anonymous said...


Those are hilarious... some of the cartoons I don't know (yet), but the ones I do know, those are really good questions.

I guess when you have the same imagination as a child, all those things that don't make sense, don't really matter.

I look forward to being a SAHM and pondering the same things!

Sheri said...

You crack me up!
Apparently you watch too many cartoons LOL

PS Ernie and Bert are gay - just so you know!

ks said...

OMG! I ask my kids these kind of questions all the time. To funny. I worry about Max and Ruby all the time, like when they take the bus, drives me crazy. Good questions.

rach said...

Yes, I laughed. Girl, youar eTOO funny!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Sabrina--you are SOOOOO funny!!! I have asked myself the SAME questions (ok maybe not ALL the ones you did....) Like the Scooby Doo...and Max and Ruby...

why DOES caillou WHINE so darn much!

I HATE that show