Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Is Coming!

Well I emailed my mom, we'll see how she takes it. I emailed her back after she sent me this.
  • Sabrina,

    Mandi called me back last night and said she will come and stay with the kids when you need her next month. She really felt bad about telling me that she wouldn't do it and she also told me that she loved us all too much to be that inconsiderate. So we can do things as planned.

    As far as the other I do not want to discuss any more things about your dad with you. After all this time I would think that you would of seen things with your own eyes. Even my husband has seen how he is. I have always said that to him and his family I died. Mandi gets upset when they say stuff about me to her. And I know that they do because I have had others say things too. You even said that they laugh about me and say stuff. I would just think that my own daughter would stick up for me. It won't stop if you girls don't tell it to stop. It just makes him look bad to others.

    Have a good day today.

    Love you


I basically said everything below in my post just in a not so attacking mode. I hope she understands that this is getting old and so are we so maybe she should let us act like adults and take care of our own relationship with our dad instead of butting in thinking she's got to be right there next to my sister with every step of contact she has with him. She thinks I need to see things with my own eyes and well uh, I think the post below reveals that! I'm not some stupid teenager now, believe me after moving out, I see things bright as day! I've got more important things to worry about in life though. I certainly hope my kids don't pick up on my mother and her negativity towards my dad. I mean Dave's heard it for the near 13 years we've been together, you'd figure some time or another they would. People always say "you look just like your mother" I'm SO glad they don't say I act like her.

I'm now under the 20 day mark! This seems to be taking forever but I'm sure after Christmas, D day is going to sneak up really quick. Today I went to Dominic's school since Santa was visiting. He was a real pain in the butt to get out of bed but when I was there and he was sitting and watching Santa, he was so happy. He waited till Santa called his name and ran up there to get his present. It was so so cute.
Dominic and Santa
That's what I love most about Christmas anymore is seeing how excited the kids are about it. Damien this year has been constantly at the tree pointing and saying "dis! dis! dis!!" Dominic constantly talks about Santa bringing him a train table. He's going to flip when he sees he really did!! Even Alex being older talks about Santa writing him new letters almost daily. She even made a Cookies For Santa plate.

Santa Plate
We've recorded every year of the kids opening gifts and we all love watching the past years and how much they've grown. Alex especially because she would always get clothes and throw them immediately over her shoulder and go for the next gift. LOL Even though I've been miserable alot lately and not in the spirit this year, I'm excited for having the kids home the next 10 days and seeing their little faces on Christmas Morning.


Alison said...

I love the cookie plate! I'm stealing that idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the plate idea too...

we are making one tonight!


Thanks Sabrina

Sabrina said...

Alex just came up with the idea. It wasn't me! LOL She just wants him I guess to understand those cookies are his. What we did last year was I took few bites out of the Oreos and left the remainders there and she still talks today about how he ate the cookies and drank the milk when he stopped at our house. It's cute.