Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas for the kids, but Not So Merry For Me.

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Oh my. So I've had this feeling the past month that Christmas time and being nearly due is NOT a good thing. I've been a total unmotivated, bitchy, exhausted, complaining mess this past month. Well Christmas day was one of those days where all the aches and pains of pregnancy just had to come about. I had shooting pains into my legs, constant uncomfortable kicks and hiccups all day, the lovely hiney problem causing me to cringe just walking and I just felt all out miserable as you can tell in Dave's lovely picture above. I felt like a horrible parent because here are our 3 kids all excited and I'm just not there. I tried to be all excited too but it was hard. I felt like I complained all day and it made me sad like I was ruining everyone's day.

Christmas started on Christmas Eve when we went to my Mom's house in the evening and the kids got to open gifts. We usually get money from my Mom and Grandmother so no gifts for us. Dominic was just a spoiled brat. He honestly thought everything he was going to get would be Thomas the Train. He'd open a gift and just start bawling. It REALLY made me mad. These were toys he wanted too, atleast he had SAID he wanted them. He got his huge Imaginex Trex with the moving neck, the Imaginex Wolly Mammoth, Pirates of the Carriabean Davy Jones, and a Thomas Carry Case for his trains. Damien was overjoyed with his new Road Rippers Hummer, tractor, hotwheels, Mr Potato Head, and little playskool cars. Alex was happy too and got this cheerleading deal, barbie with outfits, a Dora carriage, bratz doll and a bunch of other junk. This was just a start to a toy nightmare. I didn't think anything till later that night when I looked at our tree and then thought, we still have to go to my Dad's.

We came home around 8ish from Mom's and I got the kids in bed. Dave left and went to my Dad's to get the train table and bring it back to our house since we were stashing it there. After the kids were down, we started trying to prepare for the night. We were NOT VERY SMART and all this stuff I ordered online from Amazon, I didn't read to see if adult assembly was required. Well both metal pedal cars needed assembled, so did Alex's dollhouse. We would have been up till 3-4 AM doing everything so we did Damien's firetruck and Alex's dollhouse. We knew Dominic would be SO happy about the traintable that he probaby wouldn't care about his hot rod. So we finally went to bed around 1:30 AM since we knew we'd be woke at the butt crack of dawn.

We almost forgot to do Alex's cookie plate. Luckily D remembered but neither of us were in the eating mode for Oreos so we poured crumbs on the plate and broke off a piece and threw it on there. 8 AM yesterday morning, she ran in to tell me that Santa had ate her cookies!! I made sure I had the camcorder ready because I love seeing the kids how excited they are when they see the frontroom. I turned it on and put it on D in bed and said in a high kid voice "daddy! Santa came! Santa came!" LOL He didn't find it so amusing and actually told me to "get that thing out of my f'in face" So then I ran in Dominic's room and said basically the same thing. Maybe I should say that when trying to get him out of bed for school in the morning because he sat straight up and jumped down running to the front room. He actually ran right by his train table not even noticing it!! He just went to the tree and stared at all the things there. Then I said "what's this Dominic?" He put his hands on his head and said "wow! It's my train table!" Alex was over checking out her doll house. Then Damien got up and was estatic when he saw the fire truck. He loves it so much especially the bell. After they opened it all, I was freaking out because where the heck were we supposed to put all this stuff!???!! I did get my ring from Dave and it's gorgeous! My first white gold ring actually. I'll have to take a picture sometime. He's such a sweet heart and thankfully he was nice and understanding all day with my crappy mood.

My frontroom pretty much sat a mess all day. With my sore butt, sore legs, and peeing every 30 minutes I wasn't in the mood for cleaning. We headed to my dad's for lunch where I just about died when the kids opened a ton more toys there. I knew a few things they were getting there but not all of it. More action figures, more cars, more Dora, more games. UGH! Then after that we came back to this huge mess of toys in the frontroom and all the stuff from my mom's all over the kitchen table. We still had one more place to go, D's aunt's but I felt so horrible I stayed home with Damien letting him nap and D, Alex, and Dominic went there. I decided to try to get productive. I hate the tree since the boys won't leave it alone so I tore the thing down. That's how grinchy I felt. I actually did it to make room for the rocker I'll use with Mia that I needed to get out of Damien's room to make room for all these new toys.

Today is bit better, I'm not feeling quite so bad so I've been cleaning like crazy to make up for not doing much yesterday. I didn't even go bargain shopping this morning like I usually do the day after Christmas. We finally got the kids big items in their rooms and the house is looking somewhat decent. We have to figure out what to do though with the little playhouse that was in Damien's room, the rocking horse, a little tykes kitchen and Vinnie ended up in the frontroom. We are flat out of space here. These kids have taken every inch of this house over with toys.

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