Monday, December 04, 2006

Ok, I'm Done.

Even though I'm only 34 weeks, this kid can come out anytime now for all I care. 35 days is going to be way too long. I am done, had enough, let's get this over with. I think the change from this has been a easy pregnancy to OMG this kid is killing me was last Monday when I had butt issues first time this pregnancy (yeah, what fun) and I'm still not completely normal yet along with the insane kicks in my rib cage. She's just not going to move down at all and my ribs and upper stomach are so sore. Along with these issues, uhhh I got another nice rash all over again. This one is different, not Poison Ivy thank God but it's hives (kinda like mosquito bites) and we're not sure what from. D thinks it's the different laundry soap since I have a reaction to stupid cuddle bear oh what's his name?? Oh yes Snuggle but we're using Purex. I'm pretty sure it's the Hartz 3 application flea junk (like Frontline) I put on Bailey. It's been a very nice itchy week and I look hideous but not as bad as last time. Today my left side of my back is just killing me and I haven't done anything. See the last week I have probably left the house like 5 times. I've been laying around on the couch and just doing a few things around here to make the house look decent. It's not like lifting weights or out doing yard work. I shouldn't have a sore back. The veins are not bothering me much but somedays when I get out of bed, I really feel like my right leg is going to explode with all the pressure. I can barely bend it. Other days it's just fine.

In other news we stuck up the tree this weekend. I was dreading it since the boys are bound to destroy it but so far so good. I've caught them both messing with it but no seems to be somewhat working even though I'm saying it about every minute. Here's some pics.

Day 1 - Damien Touching the Tree- Now he's done it about 500 times.

Day 2- Damien touching the tree, oh wait no this is the ripping off an ornament pic.

The Tree- it looks horrible this year really. I am not in the festive spirit this year. Mainly because I'm fat an uncomfortable so I put very little on the tree since I'll be the one to put all this junk up afterwards. lol

And I believe Alex found some of the Christmas gifts we got the kids by snooping. Those Fur Real animals come in big sized animals and little. She wants the big monkey but we can't see spending $30 so something she'd probably use once so we bought the small one for $12. She was in our room Friday night and I chased her out and then she told me Saturday and it just sounds soooo guilty too "I've never seen the small Fur Reals Monkey before." Sure you haven't Alex. Sure you haven't. I'm going to have to start renting a storage unit for their gifts I guess.


Sheri said...

isn't the last month of pregnancy so hard? you are so close yet so far! Hang in there!

I hear ya on the tree - Adam is much better now! Instead of me yelling at him to not touch it, I speak really softly and tell him gentle. I guess it's taken the fun out of it LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the tree is beautiful, and I think Damien looks SOOO cute! Man...he is a cute litle guy...I can't get over how big he looks..seems like yesterday he was just laying there! :)

How does Dom and Alex like the tree?