Monday, January 29, 2007

Hangin In There

Well we're chuggin along here on this end. Mia is now 20 days old! She is just gorgeous. I look at her and cry. How did we get so lucky and blessed?? Two boys and two girls, what I've always wanted. When I was pregnant with her, I imagined her exactly as she is with lots of brown hair and killer blue eyes. I'm sure her eyes will turn brown but they are stunning right now. We're about ready to drop breastfeeding and go to pumping and feeding. One reason being my milk supply is just not there yet after my week long hospital stay. When you're in that much pain and can't function and your milk is full of trash and narcotics and has to be dumped, there's no reason to pump every 2-3 hours. I couldn't. So she's having to be fed a bottle after breastfeeding. She is really starting to look around at things now. She stares at her daddy while he holds her as to say "and you were mad when Mommy found out she was pregnant with me?" She's waking once a night at 3 AM to eat and then goes right back to sleep till around 7ish.

A week later out of the hospital, I'm feeling a LOT better. I haven't cried since friday night. I was down last week, I felt like I was never going to feel better and I wasn't going to be able to run this house and do everything I need and want to do. I'm still not 100% and for some reason my back just continues to ache in different spots. My legs and feet are still really sore and I'm wondering if that's from the fluids stretching my skin. I am sleeping better and can lay on my sides a bit until it starts to hurt too much and then I'm back onto my back. The incisions are looking really good though and hopefully I won't have much scarring from the whole ordeal. Can you believe I lost 35lbs in 1 week?? lol

Last night was our 2nd trip out as a family of 6. I've only left the house like 5 times total since Mia's birth. We went to the groccery store and had so many people gawk and say something about the kids. I don't think many people must bring 4 kids shopping? lol Everyone though was nice and all positive. Damien kept looking at people in his basket with daddy saying "dis! dis!" pointing at my basket with Mia. Most people just smiled as he showed off his sister but one lady started talking to him. She said, "is that your baby sister?" And he shook his head yes real big. Dominic had to get in on it too and said "that's my baby Momma Mia!" I wish he'd quit calling her that. Grrr! My Dad deserves a swift kick in the ass for playing that Abba record. I had one lady ask me if they were all ours. Nice!!! Another said they were beautiful. It was a great trip and the kids were really good. I felt bad for Alex as she was a bit wet from a swimming birthday party and you could tell she was beat.
I know everyone loves pictures so here's some recent ones of her and the other kids. Mia's little arms and legs fly constantly so they might be a little blurry. Enjoy!


Sara said...

I love the pics! Keep them coming. Mia is absolutely gorgeous! I have to say, though, that one of my favorite pictures is of the whole troup. I love how Mia is covering her eyes. LOL. She's probably thinking, "It was a lot quieter in Mommy's tummy..." Heheheehe. I'm so glad that you are heading toward recovery. It will be a long road, but you already know that. But the end of that road is oh-so-sweet, isn't it?


Michelle said...

I think they leg soreness if from the fluid, when I lost the 35 lbs in one week, OHHH, my body and joints ached, I felt 90! I think its just your body going from full of juice to nothing so fast, your fluids will regulate and that'll get better soon. I remember thinking, oh no, is it going to always be like this! Glad you are on the mend. Each day gets a bit easier! Great pics!


Rhonda said...

I am so glad you are finally feeling better! I hope the soreness goes away soon for you. I can't believe you all ventured to the grocery store! I would have look at my dh and said I am going to get groceries and left them all home! The pictures are gorgeous!

Crystal said...

Awww, she's super cute. This will be an exciting time for you, that's for sure!

Kristi Ann said...

Oh my goodness...she is beautiful!!! *sigh*
How lucky are you! I wanted 4 (same as you 2 boys 2 girls)...who knows! ;O)
I LOVE the pictures....Damien is getting to be SUCH a big boy! I cant believe he eats with his utensils. I have a hard enough time with Sammy and he's 4!

You go!

Keep the pictures coming!