Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flowers, kids, and lots more drugs

I wanted to thank everyone for all their thoughts and well wishes through this whole ordeal the past week or so. Especially to the BBC gals on the Miracles thread for sending these flowers while I was in the hospital. Alex and I plan on buying a Beta fish and leaving the pink stones in the bottom of the vase after the flowers die. They still look great! I truely thought I was going to come home and feel totally back to normal which has not been the case. It's odd that the C-section pain just went out the door once I got the Pancreatitis. I had my follow up appointment yesterday and the incisions from the lap surgery look great. He's thinking that the back aches are still from the gas and will cease sooner or later. He said if the pains continue next week they'll do more testing to see if anything else is going on so for now I'm just taking Percocet around the clock. My white bloodcell count is still a little high but hopefully with me coming to the end of antibiotics for that, it'll go back to normal. He gave me my pathology report as a keepsake saying everything they discovered about my gall bladder. lol My stones were small with the biggest being .3 cm. Hopefully the Dr is right about all the backaches. I would hate to have to have more problems going on or more pain for that matter! I was able to get the Reglan and hopefully will be able to match what she's wanting to eat soon which is ALOT. I feel like a druggie right now with how many different medications I'm on.

The kids are doing great as big brothers and sister. Alex and Dominic are big helpers with grabbing diapers and wipes and Damien thinks he's incharge of always shoving binkies in her mouth, even if she has one in there already. She's had him trying to fit numerous binkies into her mouth at once. He also loves shoving bottles in her mouth when she doesn't want one. We've really been working with him that he has to be careful because she's a baby. If we're not paying attention he's poking and prodding the poor girl for his own entertainment.

The hardest part so far with being home with 4 kids has been Dominic. I'm not sure what's going on but his behavior has went from bad to worse. His throwing things, bad mouthing me, hitting and pushing Damien, and major fits are just 100 times worse than before I was in the hospital. In the evenings before Dave has come home this week I've been in tears nearly everyday from the pain and not being able to control what the kids are doing. I'm still only able to bend over just alittle bit so I'm not in the chasing, swatting mode. Damien and Mia had well check ups today and I talked to his Pediatrician about it and what to do. He going to look into meds again for me and for now I'm going to try doing some of the things he suggested like a behavior sticker chart. At the same visist we found that Mia is now 9 lbs and Damien is 25lbs! Both little chunks! I'm still working on getting a good picture of all 4 together. With each kid the task gets more and more difficult!


nailgirl24 said...

Welcome to motherhood times 4 lol.

Sheri since I can't sign into blogger gggrrrr said...

Look at your babies = they are so beautiful! I am so amazed by you! Keep up the good work!!

Adam's Mom said...

I had to come back and look again - Sabrina they are so wonderful!

Crystal said...

Wow, just take it easy! I know that you have been going through a lot lately with all of the surgeries. Your insides must be like, WTF!

I've been thinking of you and I'll continue to pray that things get easier day by day.

Lucia's Mom said...

Wow! Your kids are adorable. Mia is so sweet, and even cute than last week! I'd love to be trying to co-ordinate FOUR kids for a photo.

And glad to hear you are feeling better, at least a little better.

Kristi Ann said...


they are the cutest kids I tell ya!

I LOVE the pictures ( I forget how small they ONCE were!)

PLEASE post more when you can!

Are you still collecting the BoxTop for Education stuff?

I have been saving for Alex and have like seriously 50. (we are pigs) LOL

Miss you on the board! Hope you can get to the point where you can post more often! *hugs*