Monday, January 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home after 8 days of being tortured in the hospital. The surgeon really wanted me there till Monday but after Dave complained enough to the Dr on call we got out around noon on Sunday. I had an IV site in up till that time. It was complete hell. I am supposed to make an appointment though to see the surgeon for a followup in 3 days.

I feel and look like shit. It's no wonder I can't stop crying. This is nothing like a C-section surgery. Since having Mia I've gained 13 lbs from fluids and that's including not eating anything but ice chips for 7 days in the hospital. Mia is almost too heavy at her 9 lbs for me to carry so holding her is shortlived. I still have horrible back pain rotating all over from that surgical gas. I can't lift my legs more than 2 inches and can't bend and touch past my knees. I have about a 6 inch flab of skin that hangs down to my privates making it hard to lift my legs or sit on the toilet. I'm all fucked up. I look hideous especially from my 3 new found incisions gracing my tummy.

Homecoming consisted of me coming home and bawling my head off all day and my family coming through the house saying, "it'll be OK" everytime I broke down. People just don't get it. Yeah I'll probably be fine but I was hoping to come home and get my house and schedule back in order. Do my "mom duties", take care of our animals, the house, go do errands. My house is a wreck to me. In all I guess it looks ok but its not how I usually have it. My sister stayed here with her kids for 2 days helping out and they TRASHED Dominic's room. I use alot of totes to seperate the kids toys so they clean better but now things are just thrown all over the place. She also prepared or served a ton of food to the kids. I almost feel like she took advantage of the situation because they ate things like a 8oz block of mild cheddar cheese, all the bread, finished off a ton of chocolate graham crackers, a gallon or so of milk, etc. I know my kids would have never asked to eat the block cheese. They are Velveeta kids.

By 5 PM my dad brought the kids back over and it was strange seeing them after a week. They looked like their hair had grown a few inches. lol Damien came running over and laid his head on my tummy and hugged my legs. Dominic gave me a big hug too and talked about me being sick so I showed him my new "owwies." Alex didn't really say much. lol Then they started acting like themselves and causing all kinds of chaos I was NOT prepared for and probably won't be prepared for for awhile. Since I'm on a lowfat diet for atleast 2 weeks, Dave made dinner. LOL I know nothing about making anything lowfat but he's actually a really good cook and threw something together we could all eat. I gave Alex a shower but Dave had to give the boys baths since I can't bend. We got the kids to bed at 8:30 and Mia with us at 10:30. It was our 4th dry run on a bedtime routine with four kids. I'm hoping that I can recover from all this pain in the next few days (is that asking too much?) so things can be somewhat back to normal. It's hard to believe this month is coming to an end all ready and Mia is 2 weeks old already. Dave went ahead and went to work hopefully for only a half day. I will have some on and off help today so hopefully I'll be ok.


Rude Cactus said...

Glad you're home and I hope everything gets better soon!!

Alison said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I wish I lived closer; I'd come help you out -- I'm a whiz with the sorting into storage bins. :)

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Rhonda said...

I am so glad you are home! Please try to take it easy, even though I know it is hard. You really do need to take care of yourself right now. ((HUGS))

Lucia's Mom said...

You poor thing! I feel so bad for you. I hope you recover enough to feel in control of things soon.

Congratulations on your new beautiful baby! The housework can wait, it'll still be there in a few days.

Sabrina said...

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes. I hope I'm feeling better soon too because I'm sick of all this pain! UGH! Makes taking care of a newborn especially hard.