Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Last Tuesday With 3 Kids

I hope everyone had a great New Year!! Mine was spent watching all the TV music acts. Even if we would have had a sitter and went anywhere I would have spent 90% of the time in the bathroom peeing. Seems like the story of my life at the moment. Around 8 PM we got a phone call from D's aunt telling us his cousin found out she was going to miscarry and asked if we could call her since we've been through it all before. We had found out about a month ago that she was pregnant but according to the ER sono she had done Sunday the baby had died at 4 weeks probaby right after conception and she was supposed to be 11. Nothing had developed. We haven't called yet, we will soon, it's just a sore subject we hate to reminisce about. They had just told her Dad (very strict Mexican) on Christmas Day hoping that would soften him up a bit. It didn't and he ignored her. I'm not sure how he's feeling at the moment about the whole deal. His main concern was they can't even care for the first one (it's at her parents house all the time) so why was she pregnant again. I feel awful for her though.

Anyways- we're down to exactly 1 week now till this girl comes out. I had my last appointment today and we did a NST for good measure since she's just not moving much at all. Her heartrate is normally around 150 but kept racing up to 180 which scared the living crap out of me. According to my Dr when they move and it goes up like that, it's a good thing because their heart is working harder with the movement. I never saw a heartbeat with any of the kids that high ever. Damien was actually pretty good while I was doing the NST since Alex tried keeping him busy with the playdough in my purse and my keys.

I keep wondering how this is all going to work next week. Actually I'm quite scared about everything. I'm coming home as soon as I can because I know my little baby boy is going to be a mess without me although I won't be able to cater to his every need with my super sore belly. I think the kids will get off to school fine without my help those 3 mornings. I'll be back home Thursday morning as long as no one has a fever or anything. I've only had that happen once. It's becoming waaaaaaaay to real now. Next Tuesday we'll have 4 kids! Eeek!

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