Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh Poop.

Wow. I just don't know WHAT to do with myself this morning. It's just Baby D and I, the kids are in school. Strange not having any daycare kids here.

For the second time in the past few months I've had to assist one of our kids in pooping. Damien was so stopped up that I gave him a suppository last night and it did nothing. He had been crying all day and I couldn't figure out why and then started doing a checklist in my head on what could be his problem. This morning though, the poop wanted out and when I heard his screams knew exactly why. I got him on the floor and bent his knees up to his head to help then used a wipe too. Poor guy was screaming bloody murder.

Damien has become super picky on his food and won't touch any fruits and veggies unless it's applesauce and french style green beans. It's became so bad with getting any of the kids to touch fruits and veggies that I'm standing overtop of them while they eat and not letting them leave unless they eat atleast a few bites of them. Damien it's a bit hard to though since he's a baby. I've even threatened the older two veggie popcicles. Here's what I can get on the fruit/veggie sides for them to eat.

Alex- Mashed Potatoes, french fries, raw carrots, raisins, apples, applesauce, banana, pinapple, pears and peaches
Dominic- French Fries, Bananas, pineapple, pears and peaches
Damien- Mashed Potatoes, French Fries, Green Beans, refried beans, applesauce

Alex is getting better because now that she's older, I really get on her about eating them. Dominic is still pretty unwilling on even the ones he likes but what's weird is he has no problems. Damien will eat up the ones I listed with no problems but is not willing to eat anything new. I'm having a hard time keeping up on all 3 and when they poop. You'd think poop should be the last thing on a parent's mind. I may have to start doing a poop calendar on the fridge again like I was when Damien was a baby. lol

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