Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh Momma Mia!

Mia Isabella was born 1-9-2007 at 8 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long! My camera didn't reset after the New Year so some of the pictures have the wrong year. These are some pictures from our hospital stay. I'll post her birth story very soon.
5:30 AM got the gown on and ready to be prepped for surgery.
Before Surgery

8 AM Sharp out pops Mia, not very happy. She peed immediately on the nurse and pooped twice.

Mia arrives!

cleaning up

Hanging out

Hi Dada. Holding D's finger right after birth and looking straight at him.

Hi Dad
The first day she sucked her thumb alot.
Thumb sucking

According to everyone I looked sick and pale so I put make up on later that afternoon. lol I was actually dehydrated they discovered.


Dominic kissing his new baby sister.

Dominic kissing new sissy

Alexzandra holding Mia. She's very proud of her new sissy.

Alex and Mia

Next day, Wednesday. Alittle less puffy and still has all that hair!


Mia enjoying her Soothie

Dave not happy about the Hospital server and their "filters" this time. We couldn't email pictures, get on this blog, flickr, photobucket, etc. You name it they probably had a filter blocking it. Therefore the computer was used very little.

Dave Mad at Hospital filter blocks

We're going home! Yay!!!

We're going Home!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sabrina, she's adorable! I've been checking your blog more often the past few days waiting for updates and pictures. Glad things went well.

Colleen said...

CONGRATS on your new baby girl! She looks so cute and tiny in that carseat!

Lindsay said...

Oh, she's so cute!

I love the pics of Dom giving her a kiss and Alex holding her. So sweet!

Man, I forgot how little they are, sitting in the car seat!

I hope you are feeling okay and things are going well at home.

Oh, I almost forgot. I love that she peed on the nurse! That's a great story for when her first date comes to pick her up. Hee, hee.

You are in my thoughts,


Lucia's Mom said...

Wow! She's so beautiful. I'm so teary and happy for you!

She looks great in the carseat. I love how big those pacifiers look on a newborn.

I thought for sure you were going to go for Mia Izabella in the end! Mia Isabella is such a pretty name.

Anonymous said...

She is simply beautiful! Congratulations sweetie!!!!!!

Jess said...

She is just beautiful, Sabrina! Congratulations. :-)

rach said...

I am laughing SO hard. Dave looks like a mafia member and I am surprised the hospital didn't take out the internet blockers just for him??????????? :) That picture is so funny!!!!!!!!!

Shana said...

Congratulations!!!! Mia is absolutely adorable.