Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ooops, I forgot.

You'd think after 4 kids now, I'd remember a few things about babies like say, lack of sleep. Others being losing your sanity, babies won't go to bed when it's your bedtime, forget doing housework, breastmilk stinks worse than crusted on formula, babies pee ALOT, girls get diaper rashes too easy, binkies suck with newborns and you constantly have to stick them in their mouth, and oh God the crying and what the hell does it mean?!?!?!?! Agh!!
So we're going through this all again and honestly I don't like this stage AT ALL. It's for the birds. Ok it was fun the first few kids but now I would just like a baby to come out sleeping thru the night and telling me what the heck their crying for. I'm trying to wing it here but I'm getting abit annoyed. I'm thinking it was 3 months when Damien started sleeping thru the night so hopefully I can get to that point alittle quicker with Mia. I know she's only waking once a night which is great but I'd love if she'd start sleeping thru NOW.
Damien is really enjoying ol' Mia and shoving things in her mouth or trying to pull her head off her torso to hug her. I've also noticed that he's getting more into that toddler stage day by day since Mia's been around. He's into everything, throws anything he can get his hands on, slaps, yells, giggles after taking things from others, runs away laughing when you mention the word "diaper", and is sometimes just all out rotten. I love the guy but with a new baby, he's become quite the handful. It's like Dominic x's 2 here now. This is something else I should have realized long ago too as Dominic was just as hard to handle when Damien came along. Carlos slap me, Dee dee deeee!!
So feeling abit sleep deprived and alittle on the irritated side, we're getting through this day to day. I want a new bedtime, like ohhh 8 PM. And I want the kids to be quiet well mannered angels for eternity but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
I just realized today that April is only a few months away and we'll be listing our house for sale again. It HAS to sell this time, we need something bigger for sure. I'm really looking forward to moving to the city. It'll be so nice to have Dave home after work sooner or able to help with Dr's appointments or school things. Right now with his 45 minute drive there and 45 minute drive back it really puts a damper on what he can do to help out. There is also so many more opportunities for the kids to take part in there and I look forward to that as well. I'll be sad moving from here but we need to for our family.

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