Monday, February 26, 2007

He'd Name Her Gabriella

We had a really good weekend. I was a bit disappointed Dave had to work Saturday for the 3rd time in a row this month! He normally works the 1st Saturday each month but I guess some of the guys are behind so they are all paying for it. So with Dave working till about 2 Saturday, I spent the day cleaning along with trying to control the older two from beating the tar out of each other, Damien from throwing/getting into everything, and Mia's crying about whatever she saw fit.

Alex's tooth was hanging by nothing and I kept telling her to wiggle it and twist it so the dumb thing would fall out. I didn't want her to swallow it in her sleep and choke. Finally my Grandma came over and told her she'd pay her $1 to pull it. She wouldn't so Grandma said she would. We had been trying all weekend to pull the thing but she wasn't going to let us even though it was barely hanging on. You can see in this picture it was pushed all the way forward hanging on by barely anything! Also it'd been in there so long her new tooth had came in!!! BEFORE Grandma walked up to her with a napkin and took the thing right out! Alex didn't even flinch!! So last night the tooth fairy brought her a dollar! She was so happy this morning. When Dave the fairy went to take her tooth, he said Alex had placed a piece of notebook paper under her pillow on the tooth as if to wake herself up when the fairy came by the crumple noise. She's one smart kid!

We went out to eat this weekend with the kids and it went great. I'm always terrified to go during the 6 O'clock hour because it's busy and we sometimes get looks (good and bad) Well the Mexican place we went to had a super nice Mexican server who loved Damien so much that he carried him around while we ate. I love service like that! lol We've had that happen at Applebees before too. Dominic danced around to Tejano music, Alex chowed on chips and salsa and Mia slept pretty much the whole time except to eat once. While eating I told Dave that although I like Mia's name, it's still bugging me that we didn't go with my name plus I think it's too short. He told me tough luck because I named the other 3 so we could atleast go with one he picked out. Well he never would pick out names in the past or tell me anything he liked so of course someone's gotta name them! When I was pregnant with Dominic (4 yrs ago), he picked out Mia and that has been it on names from him since. Well as we're discussing this he tells me not to read into it but if we had another girl, he'd name her Gabriella. It was the sweetest thing because he had actually put thought into another name. Even the way he said it, it was like a part of his manly badass shell had come off. It was a definate "awww" moment.

Yesterday we took the kids groccery shopping. I didn't expect to spend 1.5 hrs there but we did! I spent $193 after coupons and savings. First the bill came to $270! We should be set though for 2 weeks I figure. The boys got hotwheel cars for being so good and Alex got some candy. The kids love going groccery shopping because I let them get little goodies if I have the coupons and it's something on sale. Dominic loves Gogurt so he picked out Trix's and Spongebob tubes. Alex got some of her favorite Lunchables. I've found that letting them help any little way shopping, really makes the trip so much more easier. I used to cut out what I needed off the store fliers and let the kids look for those things but haven't done it for awhile. Alex loves checking off things on the list and Dominic grabbing things and throwing it in. Bad part of the evening was when in the line with our 2 baskets full, Dave said "did you get all the junk out of the van?" I forgot about the huge stacks of newspapers, the 400 or so Walmart sacks, and the double stroller. We had no room for everything! I thought it was hysterical when we got to the van and so did the carryout guy, Dave though was not laughing. We ended up putting bags under the kids feet, on their laps, inside the front of the stroller, and I had to share my seat with a 50lb bag of dogfood along with cans on my lap and under my feet. Dave growled the entire 15 minute drive home. I'll be taking newspapers to the recycle bin and the plastic bags for recycling to Walmart this morning.

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Jenn said...

Wow! You sure do keep busy!

I'm lol about Alex's tooth. I'm glad that Grandma finally pulled it out. And she really is a smart cookie for putting the paper under her pillow with it.

That is so sweet that Dave thought of Gabriella if you had another girl. I like that name, I think it goes well with all your other kids' names. ;)

And I was lol too at the grocery shopping (btw, you did a FANTASTIC job getting $270 worth of groceries for $193) and fitting all those groceries in with everything else.