Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

Today is day 5 of no pumping or breastfeeding and my boobs are still sore!! UGH! They aren't even engorged or anything, they just hurt. This sucks!

Mia is now trying out Isomil. We'll see if it helps in the evenings. Last night was horrible and she screamed if not held. I might as well throw the pack and play away as she sleeps more with us than in there!

The top sales guy at D's job is quitting for another job. He told Dave how much he made last year and then Dave told me. Dave was offered this job awhile back but I'm worried about him just doing sales because of the whole commission thing. He gets commission now but this guy gets paid different. Anyways the job has a potential of $20K more a year than what Dave is making now. Umm....yeah. So now I'm wondering if maybe he should TAKE the dang job because that's alot of money!! He said they would let him switch back to a route if he didn't like it. I could kick myself in the face for saying no to that.

Alex is getting ready to lose her first tooth! It's like hangin' by a thread! I just want to grab and pull the dang thing but I know she'd bawl so I keep telling her to twist it.

Damien is really turning evil. The hitting people out of the blue is getting out of control. He's taking hotwheels and throwing them at the kids or like last night he took a clothes hanger and whacked Dominic in the mouth with it. Then he kicked Dominic in the head when he was sitting on the couch and Dominic was on the floor.

I had my 6 week postpartum and that was real fun. NOT! I'm A-OK down there and she said if I want anymore kiddos just to wait a year to heal and go for it. She has 6 herself and her partner she's in practice with has 9 so they are great Dr's if you want a large family. I start the pill as soon as Aunt Flo comes to visit!

We got word from Alex's teacher that she's so good with the computer, she's now giving the other students their AR tests. Is that not insane?? Basically when I was helping on fridays giving the kids tests on the computer, that's what my daughter is doing now. Alex says only her and a boy Pearson get to do this. She has been using the computer since she was 2 and surfing her favorite kiddie sites for the past few years so I guess she probably is pretty good. Makes me proud!!

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