Friday, February 23, 2007

You'll Be Scratching Your Head After This One.....

Since I'm making Sheri want another, this is a post for her. I have became excessively neurotic, paranoid to death about headlice. OCD maybe?? This is a reason we should all homeschool our kids. Not only do we get every virus and sickness we have to worry about creepy crawling things in our kids hair. Everytime I see Alex itch her head I start asking how long it's been itching and if anyone in her class has had headlice lately. Then I start searching her head like a chimpanzee looking for bugs to eat. The past few weeks its been almost a nightly ritual. So far I havent found anything but my efforts and Dave and I screaming back and forth on what the itching could be from, I think caused Alex to say something to her teacher. She was sent to the office the other day and they checked her head. Their conclusion: Dry scalp, the same thing Dave was saying which had him saying "I told you so!" Asshat.

I probably wouldn't be so obsessive about the issue but I remember as a kid getting headlice and my sister's getting headlice and mom having to wash everything over and over. Cleaning the couch, washing all the coats, washing our beds, sterlizing hair brushes. Then there's that awful RID shampoo and the constant searches on if you got the nits out of the hair. It's just a grueling process I'd rather not go through. I get notes a few times a month saying a chid on the bus has had headlice. A child in your child's classroom has headlice. We have had an outbreak of headlice this week in our school. How could any parent not be paranoid. It's came to the point where I ask Alex to please shove her coat in her bag and not to share any hair brushes with the girls at school.

Sad thing is, if I'm worried this much about headlice, something so minimal, what's it going to be like when she's older in highschool and I have to worry about her out having s-e-x.

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