Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Babies

When I look at Damien with Mia, I just can't believe he was that small 19 mths ago. I was so afraid when bringing Mia home that he was going to be awful to her but instead he loves her to death. I think having them close in age like this, as trying as it's been, was probably a good thing.


Kristi Ann said...

Awww....I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures of the two of them together! Those are priceless! And I love how they are both in diapers. I must say you have 2 of the cutest kids! :)

How lucky you are!

Sara said...

I want to cry at how adorable those pictures are of your two littlest bumpkins in diapers with binkies!!! Soooo sweet!

As for the weight loss, I know what you mean about not having time to eat right. Nutritious foods tend to require way too much preparation, not to mention planning at the grocery store. What I've been trying to do is keep the raw fruits and veggies that I like on hand, along with several frozen Lean Cuisines and some microwaveable soups for days when my kids are eating, say, hot dogs & mac & cheese for lunch. Another thing I've been trying to do is buy the snacks that my husband and kids like but that I don't like. You know, for the kids, I stock the fruit snacks and nilla wafers, etc. For my husband, these gross little donuts he likes and a certain couple of brands of cookies. For me, I've been splurging a bit on the South Beach Diet cookies, which are a good dessert when you're craving something and the Kashi granola bars.

Anyway, if some good-for-you stuff is accessible, and most bad-for-you-stuff is not, that might help.

I dunno. It's a constant struggle, and I'm sure much more so when you've had FOUR children!!!


Mama C-ta said...

How SWEET!!! I would worry too b/c Cricket is so agressive towards babies right now. They must have that sense to know you aren't like that w/family :)

They'll be great friends!

Adam's Mom said...

soooooooo adorable! Damien looks so big next to her! I can barely remember Adam being so small!