Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some New Shots

Not much has been going on around here. Had Dominic's Birthday Party on Sunday and that was alot of fun. Alex got her Girl Scout Cookies and now we're delivering them. Oh what fun! Mia is doing better daily in the evenings but hopefully will quit waking at 3:30 one of these days so we can have a full nights rest eventually! I have not lost anymore weight but gained a few pounds. I think the loss was all just breastfeeding. We'll see though.

My kids are looking into new sports. I told them to pick whatever and we'd price it. Dominic = Karate. Miss Alex is saying Ballet. Hmm... I know this is expensive but if she wants to try I'm all for it. Anyone have a kiddo in ballet and what's your perspective on it?? She's taken gymnastics for 2 years and I hate to see her quit but I don't want to force the kid. Here's some new pictures below.

Dominic before heading to school.

Mia sitting up on the Couch.

School Valentine's Day Loot!

Daddy holding his little girl. He was mad because I kept taking pictures while he was on the phone. lolDamien playing with TMX Elmo. The kids got it finally and think it's hilarious especially when he bashes his head into the baby gate blocking the kitchen.
Mia is doing quite well in the bumbo already!

Damien eating a Cartwheel Cookie and playing with the other boxes. Mia has been sticking her tongue out and I have to say it's pretty darn cute!
Now it looks like Damien's going to eat her ear but he was really going to give her a kiss. lol


Julie said...

Oh my, Mia is so beautiful. So you have two and two now. That is always what I have dreamed for. What a sweet little princess in her daddy's arms.

How are you, Sabrina? I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, just have been unplugged from cyberspace, then we went on furlough for three months. The time away was really good for me and for us.

We are TTC again after I weaned Timmy. I know God's timing is perfect, but I really wish this one would take less than 18 months to conceive! lol

Anyway, great to catch up and see your growing family! Congrats on the weight loss. BF was my best friend in taking off the pounds.

Jess said...

Great pics, Sabrina! I love that one of Damien trying to kiss Mia. :-)

Not one person asked me to order Girl Scout cookies this year! I cannot believe it. I usually put in a huge order too because Bob eats them like crazy. I hope I find a stand outside of a grocery store selling them or he is going to be disappointed to miss out on Thin Mints and Samoas (or whatever they are called now).

Kristi Ann said...

lol at the one of Dave mad...I do that to brad all the time too! :)

I love the pictures...the kids are so cute and they seem so happy...especially with their "loot"...
you should have seen what Sammy came home with! His pile looked like Dom's!

What a cute pic os Mia and her tounge too! *sigh*

I LOVE checking out your blog!

Adam's Mom said...

Your kids are adorable!!!!!!!!! stop posting you're making me want another one LOL