Tuesday, February 06, 2007


How can you dislike something so precious and cute? Last night's bedtime routine was the exact same. I'm confused. How can a baby be perfect all day and then turn to a monster at night? When I said she sounds like Donald Duck, I'm not kidding. Purple face, arched back, arms punching anything she hits. Could she get gas nightly before bedtime? I need help. I plan on making a video tonight so everyone can see what we are dealing with. I know it's just my emotions but I keep wondering maybe #4 wasn't such a good idea. It just comes and goes on my feelings on that. We couldn't really have changed much since she was an accident. One good thing though, I've lost 40 lbs now since I came home from the hospital. Hoooray!


Colleen said...

I feel your pain, ouch! Nothing is more frustrating to a mom than a baby who won't sleep. The ONLY way I got through this stage with my kids was to read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weisbluth. I read it a paragraph at a time while Connor screamed and I pulled my hair out. Also, we watched the dvd of "The Happiest Baby On The Block" for nighttime soothing techniques, they REALLY worked with Alanna. From the the book I know that keeping the baby up later will never work, it get their cortisol level up so high that they are wired...the "fight or flight" response. Try getting her to bed much earlier before she has a chance to get wired. It is the reason my kids go to bed at 6:30 an sleep for over 12 hours now. Am I rambling yet? Just want to help. *Digital Hug*

Lucia's Mom said...

hmm, I thought my daughter's nighttime colic was a result of problems with dairy she was getting through breastmilk. I gave up milk (not all dairy, just milk), took a calcium supplement, and she got better. Could have been a coincidence though.

Also, I thought changes in light or temperature often helped soothe her, oh, and the radio static was also helpful.

I feel weird giving you advice, me, mom of only one!

Many hugs for Mia's and your peaceful evenings.

Kristi Ann said...

You are right, is IS hard to believe that something so beautiful and precious can bring you to such frustration!! I remember a few nights in a row like that with McKayla, and I wondered "What did I do?"....

it passes.

Just like this crying phase of hers will. Hang in there and remember...I am 5 hours behind...you can always call and vent to me! :o)

*hugs* to the greatest SUPERMOM there is!~