Monday, February 05, 2007

Rambling. I'll Blame Sleep Deprivation

Things are hectic right now with Mia. Daddy's lil' Italian Princess is getting on my nerves. Crying baby.....anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller??? Ok I'm just joking but Mia's got some issues in the evening and it's getting rough. You know we do have a bedtime, around 10:30. First Dave gets up around 5 ish to get ready and leave for work. I get up around 6-6:30 to get Alex and Dom ready for school, Damien's up around 7:30. I have no problem getting out of bed early, done it for YEARS daily to keep up with the rugrats even on Saturday and Sunday but this not going to bed till around 11:30 is just not working. We've tried everything with the girlie. Keeping her up, feeding her till she's about to explode, bouncing her on our shoulders, walking, etc. She gets this attitude around 8 when the other kids are going to bed and pretty much fusses and cries till 11:30. It's reminding me ALOT of Miss Alex who had Colic as an infant. That child screamed all night long, throughout the night. That's alot for someone who's 22 to take by the way. We both about ready to see if a grandparent was ready to adopt. After the Superbowl we dug out a DVD of Alex as a baby, the same age. I about jumped off the couch. Twins 6 years apart. It was incredible. The cries, the hair, the face. I just can't even believe they are that close. We could see it in the pictures but seeing it on video makes it more real. Alex was smiling ear to ear. She loves that she's going to have alittle mini me.
This weekend we attempted a couple trips to the store. The first time I went solo with all 4. I was praying to God that we were going to make it in and out without anything going wrong. I told Dominic a good twenty times that it wasn't his birthday yet and we were getting gifts for Alex's friend's parties. He's been erupting a bawling fit at the store because he knows his birthday is coming soon. Well we got in and out with no problems. Our trip to Walmart with Dave and all four in tow ended up as a complete disaster though. First, Mia slept and was an angel. Alex though, has this cough and started coughing and gagging with her eyes watering and snot racing out of her nose. Dominic was constantly jumping off the front of the basket, running infront of people. Damien had his first breakdown ever at a store. I'm not sure what happened but he's never acted like that ever. If he could flip off someone, he would have done it to about a few dozen people but all he could say was scream "uh-uh!!" at them trying to bat at them with his little hands, and cry even more. Strangers were coming up and trying to talk to him and offer their magic touch to make him stop. We're pretty sure he was starving since he didn't eat a good lunch. We got home and he ate a ton of cherrios and mac n cheese. Problem solved.
The great flood of medical bills has started to arrive at our house. With insurance and that max out of pocket payout we should owe around $2500. That's great because so far we're up to around $35K in medical bills. Still waiting for anestesiologist bills. With my nice additional stay in the hospital for the pancreatitis, that alone was $20,500. Can you believe a CT scan is supposedly around $3,000?? Oh yeah it gets better. I should price it all out on here. According to the hospital, their rooms per night rate are better than any celebrity hotel. I could have taken the kids to that Nick Jr Hotel they want to go to so bad about 10 times or so with how much the hospital room was. No wonder our healthcare system sucks. Alex's bills total were around $10K back in 2000 and Mia's are somewhere around $15K. Let's all move to Canada!! Ok I'm done.


Adam's Mom said...

Now you're talking - move to Canada! WOO HOOO and I will take your little princess for a night so you can get some sleep!! I must say this post has been good birth control for me! LOL

pipsylou said...

Ok, so it's not just me! :) What is your email so I can send you a long email and vent because you understand! And you have TWICE the kids I do! :)