Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Whoa Whoa Whoa MySpace!

There needs to be some additional rules to MySpace on who can contact who on there. Last night while I was booby feeding Mia, reading Alex's Accelerated Reader books, and playing cars with Damien on my legs, I heard Dave sorta chuckle while on the computer. Seems his ex-girlfriend Amy has found him on there and would like him to email her back.

ALittle history:
  • 1992- met Dave at the mall through a boyfriend thought he was cute then but never thought anything of it.
  • Summer 1993 (16 yrs old)-ran into D, exchanged phone numbers and hooked up for a few weeks only to find out he LIED and never broke up with psycho girl Amy, she was in CO on vacation meeting Pope John Paul. Went on a talking strike of 8 months from him. I was so pissed. Had several boyfriends after this.
  • Jan 1994- started talking again since we had the same friends and he was still with Amy. Amy found our friendship not so good on her part because of the past experience and he started coming over afterschool and hanging out at my place all the time. Started seeing each other behind her back since he told her it was over and she wouldn't get the clue. She started trying to sic her friends on me to kick my butt since she was only around 5 ft and 100 lbs at that time. She chased us around town, stalked my house, called my house, egged my car.
  • Finally April of 1994 she got the hint they were over and went on dating someone else. So we've been together nearly 13 years now.
I'm not worried about her contacting him at all or the fact that she "can't believe we're still together." Whatever. And she says "4 kids wow. I can't say much as I have 5." Yeah well our kids don't have different daddys and aren't on welfare. I actually ran into her at our Social Service office once when turning in paperwork for daycare so I could get paid by people on welfare who used their money services. Isn't that funny? If he contacts her back I may have to kill him but I know he isn't going anywhere.

Last night we went out to eat for the first time since before Mia. It actually went rather well. We went to Applebee's for their Tuesday .99 kids meals and we had a gift card from Christmas. Mia slept the whole way through, Dominic played with his bag of trains, and Alex worked on her Highlights Puzzlemania book. Damien however didn't dig the wait and mommy forgot to get something for him to do. He got alittle fussy. They ate really good though. I ate a Clubhouse Grill and didn't have any problems digesting it without a gallbladder. lol

As far as Mia's evening home goes. It was worse than any night we've had so far. I was up with her till 1 Am this time. Maybe because a drank a pop at Applebees? Jeez us who knows. We had the normal fussiness till around 11 or so and I thought she was going to go to sleep. Dave told me to drag her pack n play over to the bed so i could just keep reaching over and putting a binkie in her mouth so I did. That was nice not getting out of bed 50 times. She wouldn't though go to sleep at all and kept fussing. I breastfed her atleast 2-3 times even. Finally I gave up after that 1 am feeding and she slept with us. She's ending up with us in bed everynight because of this little fit throwing. I DID videotape some of the evening. So here for your viewing pleasure below is one or should I say two unhappy babies. lol

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rach said...

I need your number. SEriously. I was up all night.