Thursday, February 08, 2007

Terrible 1 1/2's

Who ever said that the terrible part starts at 2's must have been smokin' crack. Kids are not angels till they turn 2 and then automatically turn into monkeys. It's a gradual process that starts as soon as they start walking then when they can start opening cabinets and such. Well looking at this picture, you can just see in his eyes he's up to no good. The camera got smacked hard after I snapped this.

He's dragging out everything he can get into, smacking, throwing, crying at bedtime, screaming, fits on the floor, and "uh-uh" being said all the time. He's actually big enough that he can hurt Dominic now. He's popped him in the eye a few times and thrown toys at him but his favorite thing to do is to take Dom's toys and run, laughing like a mad man. I must say "NO!" a few hundred times a day now. The worst part is when Dominic comes home from school and they start fighting over toys. Damien knows the games now that he's older. He's not just going to give in like a little 1 year old would. He fights to the finish.
I think it's becoming obvious to us that Mia has Colic in the evenings. She's fine after she gets to bed but the hours and hours of screaming in the evening is just not normal. Last night I'd get her settled and then she'd just wake up instantly, binkie dropping out of her mouth, face purple, and screams of death exited her little body with her legs straight as they could be. You'd be right there watching her the whole time going "what the hell happened!!!??" It was if someone squashed her little hand is a door. Poor kid. I'd pick her up and jiggle her up and down with her head over my shoulder and she was fine. So along with giving her gas drops nightly, we're wrapping blankets around her waist in the evening and bedtime and hopefully that tightness will help. This is what we did with Alex. I think the reason she's only woke up once a night the whole time she's been home is because by the time 11:30 or midnight rolls around, she's just pooped out from crying for 4 hours.

Yesterday I had a super sore boob. I think it was a blocked duct and by the evening it was feeling better. Not only was it sore in this spot but I had shooting pains in it. Not nice at all. Everyday I think I should just quit breastfeeding but then there's this huge guilt trip that hits me and my mind says "quitter!" I'll suck up the pain of sore boobs though for our little girl even though it's a pain in the ass. It gets hard to do each kid you add plus the pumping all the time....the smelly bras. The one thing that is well worth it though? Well of course giving her a good start to life but also spraying your husband in bed for saying something stupid that he finds entirely funny. Like is ex contacting him on MySpace.

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