Friday, February 09, 2007

Crying Over Spilt Milk

What makes us so attached as mothers to our milk? I remember in the hospital (for the pancreatitis) that whole time, pumping and dumping it put a pit in my stomach and I felt awful but knew I couldn't give her milk with morphine. This morning, after a 15 minute hurried session of pumping, I knocked over a bottle of pumped milk. I wanted to cry, I didn't but I seriously wanted to cry as I can't get a good supply as it is. 5 minutes later Mia is screaming to eat and I'm less a few ounces in the bottle since I was able to pick it up quickly not spilling it all. It was rather depressing because I did have to give her formula after that. When breastfeeding and pumping, formula for some reason is the enemy but then when you's like your best friend. It's strange. But anyways.
Mia is officially one month old. She's getting so big already and guess what? I got my first smile this morning. Now I know the pictures are rather blurry, sorry but I didn't want to blind the poor kid with a flash so I shut it off. It's the cutest little thing seeing her mouth just open up and her smile going from cheek to cheek.

Along with this new smiling when you talk to her, she's looking around at everything. She is amazed with the faces of us all and the decor hanging on the walls. She sees quite clearly now. If her soothie falls out of her mouth and she's laying on the couch, she looks straight at it and tries to wiggle it back into her mouth. We had another night of wailing from about 7:30 to 11:00. I've gave up on having her sleep in the bassinet in our room and she's just going to sleep with us. It's easier to soothe her in bed with us then going to her bed. I'm hoping that it'll all stop soon and she will be a much easier baby to deal with in the evenings but with the two of us passing her off back and forth to deal with the other three, I think we'll manage. She's driving me nuts more than Daddy. I think he enjoys her evening fits and trying to calm her. He is totally in love with his new little girl. I can't wait to see what she's doing next month, hopefully not crying! lol Here's some new pictures of her.


Colleen said...

When breastfeeding and pumping, formula for some reason is the enemy but then when you's like your best friend.......You said that so well. That's exactly the way I felt with my first baby and I wanted to quit BF every day since I had to give her a bottle after every feeding. I was literally feeding her all day long! I'm still amazed that I kept it up for six months! I cannot even fathom BF for a year (or more?!). It was not an easy road for me at all. Baby #2 didn't require as much formula, but I never knew what to expect and ended up wasting a lot of formula ($$$ down the drain!) trying to figure her out. Part of me wants a third child and am hoping the third time would be the charm. But, as you mentioned, with each additional kid at home, it makes it harder to BF. On a different note, I love the B&Ws of Mia. So beautiful!

Rhonda said...

Mia is a doll!!!!!