Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Coughs, Vomit, and Diarrhea

Mia was up to her same shananigans this weekend but that's nothing compared to what Damien threw at us........literally. Last night Mia finally went down at 11:30 so we went to bed. 12:30 we were just about to..... eh hem when I heard Damien coughing and choking so I went to check on him. Throw up smell hit me right when I go to pick him up and my arms are all wet. I went ahead and took him to the bathroom with me gagging away because I knew he needed a bath and yelled at D to get up. Poor guy was soaked with brown puke but overall in a good mood. Gave him a bath, changed his sheets. 1 AM. Throws up again everywhere. Get up and put him back in the tub, change the sheets. Get him ready for bed. This time, facing me while I'm dressing him he starts to puke. Thank god his towel was right there so I held it as he puked over and over. Dave and I both came to agreement that this pretty much killed the mood since it was now 2 am and we were just going to get whatever little sleep we could by this point. lol Oh I am really starting to hate our nights. Have I mentioned I haven't been in my hot tub for like 2 months now? That alone makes me wanna cry.

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Rhonda said...

SO sorry about the puke!!!!