Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ugh! Snot Again!

Snot has taken over my house. Green snot, clear snot, bubble snot, and boogers. We thought we were going to find Mia dead in the morning due to her inability to breathe through her nose. I suctioned her over and over with a bulb though the night. Damien keeps waking groaning from feeling like crap. His snot is just pouring out his nose and Benadryl won't make it stop.

I am seriously thinking about quitting the whole breastfeeding thing. I've got my supply up enough to feed her but I'm just not digging it like I was with the others. I'm sore, tired of it and I think having 3 other kids to deal with is just making it too hard. Plus I just want my body back. I've been going through this for a week or so now. Back and forth. I just don't know what to do. Dave says if I stop I'll regret it and he's right so I just keep doing it. I just hate feeling like a milk machine. As far as Mia's sleep routine, she's getting better and I'm not sure why. We've started giving her gas drops nightly around 7 and we pretty much cater to her and have been trying to get her to bed on her own around 9:45 although she doesn't fall asleep till around 10:30 or so. It's worked the past 2 nights!! I hope this trend continues.

Minus out the breastfeeding/snot and things are going really really well. It's hard to believe a month ago now I was wishing God would just take me out. I seriously wanted to die. I'm not much of a baby when it comes to pain, I'm pretty tough actually but that crap of 2 surgeries in 1 week just about killed me. I was in so much pain, it's really hard to imagine that pain now because I feel so good! I'm wearing my old jeans, I'm losing weight, life is just awesome!! I think that God handed me the pain and health problems so I can see that family really does matter and they are there for you when you need them. If you remember I had a huge fight with my mom about 3 weeks before Mia's birth and told her I didn't need her help or my sister's. They both ended up helping with the kids along with my other sister Jill, my Dad & Karen, my Grandma, and Cathy a family friend.

I can't wait till this crappy weather finally leaves so I can get out and about with my munchkins. I want to take them to the mall, the park, the zoo, the kid's museum, the library....I want to do it all! I would like to show little Mia off some more. The weather is the only thing holding me back. Today's high is 18 degrees. The other day I got my fingers stuck to the latch on our dog's pen from this bitter cold. Well atleast it wasn't my tongue, but it still hurt like hell pulling it off. Never grab snow before touching metal!


Rhonda said...

We have snot too! I HATE snot!

As far as the breastfeeding, you really need to do what is best for you. I wanted my body back so bad when I was nursing Zachary and he was only my 2nd! I am not sure I would still be breastfeeding if I was on my 4th! You have had so much difficulty that it is so understandable for you to be frustrated. If you do decided to stop, you need to also promise yourself that you will not beat yourself up a few months from now for stopping!

I hope you get out and about like you want soon. I wish I had the family living around me that could help out like yours has!

Tuesday Girl said...

I hope you are all snot free soon!